Stillbirth Charity Count The Kicks Criticises Coronation Street

2 April 2015

Count The Kicks and Coronation Street

If you're a Corrie fan, you might have seen yesterday's episode in which pregnant teen mum Faye Windass went into labour.

During the episode, another character commented that babies tend to move less towards the end of labour.

Consequently, stillbirth charity Count the Kicks took to Twitter to voice concerns that the soap is sharing misinformation about fetal movement towards the end of pregnancy.

The charity's CEO, Elizabeth Hutton, tweeted:

"Babies' movements DO NOT slow down at the end of pregnancy. A change in movement can be a key warning sign the baby is in distress. Any change in fetal movement should be reported to your maternity unit for further assessment. #kickscount.”

Twitter users have retweeted the charity's comments over 550 times, with many mothers sharing their own experiences of stillbirth following a slow-down in fatal movement. A message posted on the charity's Facebook page has been shared more than 10,000 times.

A representative for Coronation Street has yet to respond to the criticism.

Visit for information about fetal movement during pregnancy.

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