Celebaby: Posh Is Just A Normal Mum

2 February 2010

posh... or so she says.

Mrs Beckham, interviewed and photographed in the US issue of Glamour magazine, reckons she's just a normal mum to sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz.

Posing with a puppy and making like a 50's housewife for the photo-shoot, Posh says her life revolves around the kids when she's at home. Her life as a Mum includes popping into the boys' school to read to the class or help serve lunch. Sounds pretty normal and down-to-earth to me, although I'd wager that she doesn't mop her own floors or clean the loos though, eh? And if she does, I wonder if she keeps those heels firmly in place.


Meanwhile normal Mum and Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox has been chatting to Closer magazine about her pregnancy and its impact on her body.

Despite craving Wispa Golds and egg mayo sarnies, her mind is already on losing the extra baby pounds. Refreshingly, she claims not to be in any great rush though, and says was still in maternity jeans for months after the births of her other two children.

Now that's what I call a real Mum.


  • llesal
    Why is mopping floors or cleaning loos, necessarily part of being a mum? That would be a housewife (or househusband). With attitudes such as yours its really no surprise that women presently remain responsible for over 75% of housework and childcare, whether working outside the home or not.
  • Heidi S.
    Ooh no, I didn't say those things were part of being a real Mum, I just said I can't imagine Posh does those things. Loads of Mums don't do housework, and more power to them. Admitting to being in maternity jeans for several months after giving birth is what I call being a real Mum...

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