Working Mums Have More Successful Daughters And Kinder Sons

25 June 2015

Working mum

Most working mums will confess to feeling pangs of guilt from time to time about going out to work, but new research suggests that working mother guilt might be totally unfounded. In fact, your kids might be better off in loads of brilliant ways, because you work. (We knew that though, right?)

The Guardian reports:

"Data from 24 countries suggests that the daughters of working mothers have better careers, higher pay and more equal relationships than those whose mothers stayed at home. What’s more, their sons thrive too and grow up to be better men, more involved at home, taking more time caring for their own family than men who grew up cosseted by stay-at-home mothers."

Or to put it in Daily Mail speak, daughters of working mothers are "more likely to be employed, earn more and have more senior positions than girls with a stay-at-home parent".

What do you think of this data? Do you 'buy' the idea that daughters of working mums are likely to be better paid and have a higher ranking at work than daughters of stay-at-home mums?

And if you believe that stat, what do you reckon is behind it? As a working mum myself, I won't be surprised if my kids develop a strong work ethic because of how much they see me working.

That said, I know they've often wished that I was a stay-at-home mum. But I can't shift the sense that this is all just stating the blooming obvious. After all, if we didn't think our kids would benefit from us going out to work, we wouldn't bother, would we?!

What's your view on the link between working motherhood and the future success (or otherwise) of your children? We'd love to hear your thoughts over on our Facebook page.

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