Does Wine O'Clock Start When The Kids Get Home From School?

15 September 2015

Is it wine o'clock

If you're reading this having just done the school run, chances are you've got a lovely cup of tea close at hand, too. Or is something stronger?

According to the Daily Mail, more of us are reaching for the wine to help us de-stress after the afternoon school pick-up. The paper reports:

Mothers are increasingly turning to wine straight after the school run to cope with the strains of parenthood, experts warn. They say there is an emerging drinking culture among women who pour their first glass at around 3.30pm and then continue with their husbands into the evening. Medical specialists say some women rely on alcohol as a form of escape, and now open a bottle of wine when once they would have made a cup of tea.

Hmm. I'm not sure how experts can tell this, and I'm a tad dubious about these findings because most of the mums I know spend their afternoons in a dizzying whirlwind ferrying multiple kids back and forth between various after-school activities, so drinking on the job just isn't an option for many mums.

I also know plenty of mums who don't touch a drop of the hard stuff if they're the only adult at home on the basis that if any of the kids needed an urgent dash to A&E, even one glass of wine would be enough to jeopardise your ability to drive safely, never mind handle an emergency calmly.

That said, I'm well aware that what mums say the do and what they actually do might differ. Indeed, the research was undertaken by the charity Alcohol Concern and revealed that parents are twice as likely than non-parents to be ‘dependent’ drinkers.

Current guidelines recommend that women do not consume more than three units - roughly equal to a 250ml glass of wine - per day.

So does wine o'clock exist in your house? And do you crack open the vino before the kids are in bed, or reserve it for strictly after lights out? We'd love to hear your views on this story. Come and share them over on our Facebook page.

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