Why Shouldn't Mums Take Their Babies To A Meet-Up In Their Local Pub?

Pub Asks Mums To Move
12 February 2016

There's nothing I like more than a meet-up with other mums, and on the rare occasions that we manage to combine it with a decent meal then I'm basically in heaven.

So I totally understand the ire of a group of mums who say they were told to move to the back of a pub where they were meeting for lunch - all because a bunch of male customers wanted to read their papers in peace.


The Metro reports:

They said they felt 'shocked and humiliated' after a member of staff moved them at the Butterly Park Brewers Fayre in Ripley, Derbyshire.

They'd been visiting for weeks, before being told that other customers had complained about them bringing their babies along.

One of the mums has penned a letter of complaint to the company which owns the establishment.

She told the paper:

'We were told that there are men who come in and read the paper and don't want to be disturbed by women and babies and it was better if we were out of the way. We chose to meet there as our babies are not of an age where we can let them play amongst toddlers and, seeing as we don't get dinner dates as frequently as we used to pre-children, it's nice to eat a hot meal in good company.'

A spokeperson for the chain said that it welcomes breastfeeding mothers, parents and carers with young children and said they would investigate the issue further. It also offered to compensate the mums with a £10 voucher.

I'd be livid if this happened to me and my mum mates. It's not always easy finding somewhere to socialise with babies in tow but I see no reason why paper-reading men should be afforded better treatment than lunching mums.

And I see no reason why mums shouldn't meet up in their local pub. These days most pubs pride themselves on being family-friendly, so the notion that mums with babies shouldn't darken their doors is woefully outdated. Unless the mums in question were knocking back tequila slammers or belting our drinking songs whilst neglecting their babies, what's the problem?

We'd love to hear your views on this. Have you ever been asked to move or even leave an establishment because your baby is with you? Do you find it difficult to find truly baby-friendly places to meet up with other mums? Come and share your views on the issue over on our Facebook page.

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  • UKSexist

    I'm a sexist, I don't mind admitting it. For once I agree with the Mums. Let people be!

  • UKSexist

    let people be!

  • Missp

    I was there. I know that they were in the bar area of the pub, where people usually sit and have a drink and read papers, there are menus on some of them tables but it is mainly an overflow. They were asked to move from the area next to the bar and placed in a seated area where they and their children could do as they please. It is not at the back of the pub, they have another hundred or so seats past that area. Nothing was said about breastfeeding they dropped that in afterwards on social media and to the paper, I'm assuming to try and kick up more of a fuss. I take my own child here and have done since he was 3 weeks old, breastfed him in plain sight and always sat in the family dining area and I have also seen plenty of others do the same. Unless I go for a family meal withy little one I usually meet up with mum friends at a softplay centre. And there are plenty of things for babies to do there, you just have to supervise them.

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