Why One Easter Egg Is Plenty

Why One Easter Egg Is Plenty
27 March 2016

Is it just me, or is Easter going the way of Christmas?

By which I mean; are we overdoing it when it comes to treats for the kids at these festive times of year?

I was just doing a mad dash to the petrol station to fill up my car before the long weekend, and it was like the Apocalypse in there. People panic-buying everything from milk to whole frozen chickens, and the Easter egg aisle was utterly decimated. In fact as I zipped in to pay for my petrol, a young lad was busily re-stocking the Easter eggs with an entire pallet full of fresh stock. Really? This late on the night the Easter bunny puts in her annual appearance?

But what really got me wondering about whether we're over-indulging the kids was over-hearing a cashier musing to her colleague about whether she's bought enough chocolate.

"I feel bad, Martin," she said in a hushed, confessional tone. I braced myself to hear the reasoning for her inner turmoil or personal remorse but I hadn't anticipated what came next.

"I've only bought my girls two eggs," she said.

It was all I could do to stop myself from reeling round to tell her that her guilt was entirely misplaced cos I've only bought my brood one egg each. Now call me a Scrooge but I just can't wrap my head round the extravagance that seems completely normal to other mums when it comes to Christmas spending and Easter treats.

I've got friends who've made elaborate Easter baskets for their kids stuffed with everything from chocolates, spring-time crafts and even Easter DVDs. It's like the Christmas Eve box all over again and once again I feel as though I'm the only one who missed the memo outlining that one Easter egg is not enough for any kid.

Now don't get me wrong; I've got some good stuff planned for family fun and there will indeed be an Easter egg hunt around the garden (if the rain ever lets up) but the prize is a Cadbury's creme egg, not each child's body weight in multiple chocolate eggs.

I'm also not being an judgy-pants, I promise. If Easter just isn't Easter in your house unless the kids wake up to a floor-to-ceiling stash of every kind of chocolate egg in existence, then who am I to question it. Your family, your rules is my mantra on such things.

But I guess my point is purely personal and it's simply this; each time I catch on to the fact that other families seem to push the boat out when it comes to occasions like Easter and Christmas, I find myself feeling like I'm a failure. But this Easter I'm not even going there.

As someone wiser than I once said, comparison is the thief of joy and this year I refuse to let my Easter spirit be dampened by fruitlessly comparing my lot or life with anyone else's. One very special, well-deserved chocolate egg is plenty for my kids according to my rules, and instead of worrying that I'm not doing it right because I haven't bought eight different eggs for all three kids, I'm going to relish in their pure delight, and note that it won't occur to them to be anything but truly grateful.

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  • vee151183

    Catholics are big on easter and celerbalrate it like an atheist celebrates Christmas. They go the whole hog with a feast platter and a family gathering. It's just part of their tradition. But yes I do agree one easter egg is in fact enough. However I am guilty of buying enough eggs to feed the country. I think of easter and Christmas as if it's for the children. And I am not Catholic myself.

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