'Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads'... It's Back To The Future Day!

21 October 2015

Back to the Future Day

Weird or what - today is the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel 'back' to in Back To The Future II. Anyone else feeling old this morning... I quite fancy the idea of a Delorean time machine right about now.

Anyway, social media is going bonkers over Back to the Future Day, and you can follow the day's events live on Twitter using the hashtags #BackToTheFuture #BTTFDAY. Yes, really.

So how close are we to the future world depicted in the movie? Let's see... the Telegraph has a hilarious run-down of the differences between the world predicted in Back to the Future and the one we actually inhabit.

Here's my fave bit:

4) Hands-free gaming
While we don’t see it in the film, kids at Cafe 80s mock Marty for having to use his hands to play an arcade game, implying that Xbox Kinect-style gaming is the norm in their 2015. And guess what, it is.

Kinda spooky, no?

And while hoverboards might not yet be the normal mode of transport for the average kid, Segways aren't all that far off. Unlike Brooklyn Beckham, I don't recall Marty McFly having to worry about getting arrested for riding his, though.

This EasyRider Smart Electric Hoverboard Self Balancing Mini Scooter (try saying that in a hurry) is down from £499 to £239 with free delivery at Amazon right now. Still, at that price there definitely won't be three under my tree for the kids this year.

As for self-tying laces, I'm pretty glad they don't yet exist. Although Shoeps Elastic Laces come pretty close. My kids are lazy enough about doing their shoelaces up properly and it's well-documented that teaching your kids how to tie their laces is an important part of healthy child development.

So how are you celebrating Back to the Future Day? Thinking of introducing your kids to the movie later? Come and share your favourite Back to the Futurisms over on our Facebook page...

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