Three Year Old In France Chokes On Kinder Surprise Toy

French Child Chokes On Kinder Egg Toy
21 January 2016

A three-year-old girl in France has choked to death on a toy thought to have come from a Kinder Surprise Egg, according to the Mirror.

The paper reports:

"The three-year-old was with her mother when she put the toy, which had wheels, into her mouth, police have reported. The child, who lived in the suburb of Saing-Elix-le-Château in Toulouse, began to choke when it became stuck in her airway and she could not breathe."

The company which owns and manufactures Kinder Surprise Eggs has said that it will cooperate fully with an investigation by the public prosecutor of Saint-Gaurdens to understand the cause of the little girl's death and to determine whether the item came from a Kinder Surprise egg.

According to the Child Accident Prevention Trust, around around 29,000 under-15s (80 children every day) attend hospital A&E departments after choking on something or swallowing non-toxic items other than food.

The organisation's website states:

The risk of choking is much greater for children under 5, especially babies, because they explore their environment (especially taste and texture) by putting things in their mouth. Food and drink are the things most likely to cause choking, but coins and other small objects also pose a significant risk. Babies and toddlers can also swallow these things if they're kept within reach.

To prevent choking, toys with small parts should always be kept out of reach of young children.

For more information about preventing choking, watch this St John Ambulance guide to what to do if your baby chokes and share The Chokeables video which highlights how to save a choking baby's life.

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