Share Your 'Best' Parenting Fails

Share Your 'Best' Parenting Fails
4 April 2016

Right then, pennywise parents. I need to her your most epic parenting fails, and I need to hear them now.

Why, I hear you cry. Because this morning I merrily marched my lads off to school for the first day of the new term, only to discover that it starts tomorrow.

In over a decade of parenting I haven't managed to do something quite so dumb until now. Fortunately the lads were thrilled; they'd been suffering from a bad case of the back-to-school blues, so the discovery that they could dart home and spend one more day lapping up their final few hours of freedom went down well with them.

Me? Not so much. I'd spent the school Easter holidays putting off pretty much every piece of work I could until today, so let's just say it was something of a juggling act in my house today. Way too much screen time was had, far too many sweets were munched, and very little work actually got done.

On the upside, it means we're all organised for the REAL back-to-school routine tomorrow. Uniforms are sorted (and carefully hung back up after being worn for less than an hour today), lunch boxes are scrubbed clean, school bags are located and ready for action, and shoes are shined. Well, ok shoes aren't shined, but you get my drift.

I like to think that while all the other mums are spending this evening frantically getting everything sorted for the back-to-school chaos tomorrow, I'll be putting my feet up and relishing in the fact that, for once, we were ready 24 hours early.

But I still can't help feeling like a parenting flop for getting it so wrong today, which is why I'd love to hear your confessions. Come and share your 'best' parenting fail over on our Facebook page or in the comments below. At least then we'll all know we're in good company over here in the 'Imperfect Parents' corner.

Oh, and if you *think* you know when your kids go back to school, let me offer you a tiny piece of advice. Double-check before you deposit them at the school gates.

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