Sent Home From School For The Wrong Trousers

Sent Home From School For The Wrong Trousers

A school in Kent has hit the headlines for sending around 50 students home on their first day of school for wearing the 'wrong' school uniform.

Apparently police were called to the school after parents and pupils protested about the school's harsh approach to enforcing its school uniform policy.

According to the papers, children were sent home if their shoes or trousers did not match the stipulations of the school's uniform code, and one parent reported that her child was denied entry to the school because of gold-coloured buckles on her black shoes.

It was also reportedly the new headteacher's first day so it seems he was keen to make his mark and enforce a stricter uniform policy from day one.

I'm going to get mauled in the comments for saying this but I'm with the headteacher on this, at least in theory.

No, I don't think children should be sent home for having the wrong uniform - surely a letter could be issued to parents first - and yes, I think this was an overly heavy-handed approach, especially for first year students attending the school for their first day.

But as the mother of a child who has just started High School, I've got to say that I suddenly see the value of a strict uniform policy. Why? Because my son has risen to the challenge of being smart and presentable as per his school's uniform code, and his determination to avoid falling foul of the school's strict uniform rules has already carried through to other aspects of his attitude to school – and, indeed, life in general.

Going to a school that enforces a fairly strict school uniform policy - top shirt buttons must never be undone and shirts must always be tucked in, for example - has encouraged my son to take pride in his appearance, which isn't something he gave any real thought to at primary school.

I could hardly believe my eyes or ears when he came home from school on his first day and hung up his blazer whilst deftly delivering me a pep talk about the importance of respect for one's appearance. Where did the kid go who used to ball his clothes up on the floor of his bedroom?

I don't agree that this approach to enforcing school uniform is all about headteachers going on power trips or schools trying to turn kids into unthinking automatons. And shouldn't we be focussing on the parents who send their kids to school in clothes that they know break the rules? Never mind the poor headteacher trying to do his job and improve standards in a 'scruffy' school, what are those parents thinking?

Would I be happy if my son had been sent home on his very first day of school for having the wrong trousers or having his tie askew? Of course not. I think it's a mistake for schools to put adherence to the school uniform policy above the wellbeing of students, and kicking them out on day one is a step too far.

There should be a measure of grace or leniency around school uniform policies and kids should have the chance to get it wrong before serious action is taken.

I'm just saying that all the pearl-clutching hysteria that I've read about this story misses a crucial point; encouraging kids to take pride in their appearance isn't really just about whether they're wearing the wrong trousers. It's about shaping their whole attitude to life and encouraging them to have respect for boundaries – and, ultimately, for themselves.

Sorry, but in my book that's no bad thing.

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  • Shauna M.

    If the uniform code had been followed by parents and students alike then there would not have been a problem. Children need to learn that in life there are rules and that they need to be followed.

    • Rebecca K.

      A girl had gold buckles on shoes. It's ridiculous. If they're black shoes what does it matter?

    • Shauna M.

      At the end of the day the persons attached to the school know the policy. I work for a uniformed organisation and we have to wear certain colours of bobbles, shoes, tights etc etc. If I decide not to follow the rules then I'd be sent home and no pay. Better the kids learn now

    • Shauna M.

      If the parents who spent the time complaining got their kids the proper uniform for the next day then there is no excuse to miss another day. If they decide to use it as a way to take of school then the truancy policy needs implemented. Kids need rules and need to next taught to obey them

    • Leah D.

      What about working parents of 16 and 17 year olds? Are they supposed to take the mornings off to ensure their kids wear this proper uniform theyve bought? Teenagers will be teenagers at the end of the day yours must be perfect shauna. Bless

    • Karen R.

      Shauna Magennis exactly, when I was at high school we had a strict uniform code - certain hairstyles banned, had to have a certain style of shoe that was only black, certain colour socks, hair bobbles etc. We rarely had issues where kids had the incorrect uniform because kids respected their parents and both kids and parents respected the school rules. If you accept a place at a school you accept any rules they have as well and that includes uniform!

    • Shauna M.

      Leah Catherine Daly I wish I could say she was but I don't believe any one is. She has on the other hand been brought up to respect rules and authority

    • Maureen D.

      At the end of the day it boils down to discipline and pupils following rules. Simple !

    • Alison W.

      Shauna Magennis it doesn't matter they're teenagers sometimes they rebel...she might wear white socks and be made to take them off because the uniform says black socks only even though you cant see them under her trousers or sent home because the grey is not the right grey exactly...that's what these kids have been sent home for not rebelling and wearing trainers or having pink hair. One girl was sent home because her trousers were a bit too tight.

    • Leah D.

      Exactly alison and she calls it truency. Ridiculous carry on

    • Alison W.

      Leah Catherine Daly i totally agree with you. I don't know why ppl are going on about bringing kids up properly etc when this is clearly going on about the wrong shades of jumpers etc. It's too far. I got a bit of paper with a picture on saying this is the uniform. No description. Nothing. To me the skirt looks grey but hell what if the printer was running out of ink and it was supposed to be black? I was told I HAD to purchase the school jumpers a school water bottle and a school book bag. These things aren't cheap and I barely scraped the money together and I'm not even that bad off imagine someone who is having to choose between food on the table or the schools uniform? But a lot of people only see it as lazy parenting. I think it's a shame there's so much ignorance. So many children below the poverty line. Comparing it to going to work is ridiculous. You earn a living from those people, you can use the pay to pay for the uniform. If it was so strict you should order direct through the school and the school should provide it.

    • Rosie L.

      Alison Ward tight, form - fitting trousers are not appropriate in the workplace, so I'm with the head teacher. Pupils and workers alike should wear clothes which are adhere to the policies oh their workplace, school or business - which are extremely well publicised.

    • Alison W.

      I'm not talking about the leggings I'm talking about the girl where her trousers were just a little bit too tight. The ones that are number 2 on that list.

  • Genna O.

    Totally agree and the headmaster was spot on when he said that rather than protesting for hours the parents could have taken 10 minute to take the children home and put the appropriate uniform on

  • Kim M.

    Does it really matter what the kids are wearing ? There at school for an education not how there dressed, and what about people who cant put out money on school dress code ??

    • Shauna M.

      School is also about setting kids up for life and unfortunately in life there are rules that need to be followed.

    • Sara H.

      It kind of does matter, we're actually quite lucky we have the uniform. Some kids would end up getting bullied for not having designer brands etc if everyone is dressed the same there isn't much drama over how one is dressed. Also less stress for parents.

    • Kirstine G.

      Imagine walking into a hospital where the nurses decided they didnt want to wear their uniform, its part of preparing them for the adult world, wish my kids school was stricter sick of seeing girls walkin around in see through leggings instead of trousers dont know how a parent can allow their child to go out dressed like that

    • Marianne C.

      Lol! I'd be very interested to hear the evidence that children who don't wear uniforms at school fail in uniformed employment later in life, and conversely that those with pristine uniforms go on to succeed!!! This is what many posts seem to be alluding to. Schools were developed to a) get parents into work and paying taxes and b) prepare children for the mass workforce. A large part of that is ingraining conformity and compliance. If that's what you're after for your child, that's fine, countries always need drones.

    • Sammy S.

      I can see benifits to uniform less bullying uniforms look smart and teaches kids to follow school/work policy but my opinion is kids learn by example teachers should also be made to wear uniform see so many teachers wearing gel nails heels jewellery low cut tops even trainers. Same rules should apply for the healthy eating policy teacher should be sat at every dinner table eating what's offered on school menu or packed lunch which abide by each school's healthy eating scheme. They are in school gaining an education not a work environment. it's also the time kids learn about themselves and should be allowed to express a little individuality by hair or footwear. We in world that forces you to follow the crowd rather than be yourself and I think schools years it's very important to learn who you are as an individual in order to decided what and where you want to go in life

    • Alex A.

      Yes I must admit that wearing the correct uniform has completely dulled my individuality. I am unable to think for myself. I am a drone. What a load of complete & utter cack. There is more than plenty of time to express & find your idividuality out of school hours. As I did to my parents irritation. Rather than blaming schools & uniform policy for our country of sheep, try looking at the government & the mindless drival parents watch on TV in front of their kids. Reality shows, bad attitudes, soap after soap, celebrities behaving badly.

    • Kim C.

      Perhaps adhering to the school uniform may also help educate around the use of 'they're', 'their' and 'there'. ;-)

    • Delsie P.

      Well said Alex I am still learning about myself after all these years on earth.But admit I like escapism TV ha ha x

    • guest

      Alex A you speaking about your own tv habits there then? :joy: I agree there should be uniforms but I don't agree that that is what comes before their education. Make them stay behind after school, give them detention but don't send them home.

    • Eilidh O.

      That's a very disrespectful attitude. There is also the aspect that a uniform allows children the chance of belonging, with no judgement of what they are wearing or what they can afford or ability or want to follow fashion trends. Schools do not just prepare children for the 'mass workforce' they give them (or should) the skills they need to be able to choose where they want life to take them. I think there are many ways that schools could improve how they do this but encouraging children to recognise the importance of respecting each other and the need for following some rules is not a bad thing. I don't agree children should be sent home on the first day, especially with the issues with the supplier that are mentioned, but there should be consequences for not taking responsibility for following set rules. There is nothing wrong with a new head teacher setting high expectations as this will continue, hopefully, across all aspects of the school.

    • Kim M.

      My use of words really !

    • guest

      Kim C I was just thinking that myself lol :joy:

    • Alex A.

      There is rarely anything I want to watch on TV :kissing_closed_eyes: Let's get this right. Mummy &/or Daddy decide not to buy correct uniform for little Rylan & Petal boo boo. They send their offspring to school not giving a damn whether they are adhering to school policy or not, therefore setting a glowing example to kiddiewinkles. School (knowing parents feel the above otherwise this situation would not have arisen), say 'you know what? You're taking the piss. Come & collect your kid & send them back in when you can be arsed dressing them correctly'. Reaction? Parents sulk because they have to do something they couldn't get right in the first place & say it's all the schools fault. Keyboard warriors get all antsy about school failing kids and damaging their education. We're talking the first few days back when uniforms are still very easily available & very little is done in class. And what they do miss? They can catch up. Lesson learnt.

  • Claire C.

    Parents have 6 weeks to get there kids school uniform. If the school have advised on set and strict uniform rules then they should be complied with. I think some examples are a little ott, but on the whole i get why the head did it. Kids get away with so much these days and school is where children should learn respect, rules and boundaries as they should at home. At least parents may have a rethink about uniform now at least, even if he approach was a little overboard lol

  • Sara H.

    Why couldn't these parents just have the right uniform? Okay my sons shoes haven't arrived even though I ordered them last week... But he can wear his old school shoes now! At least go to school with correct uniform!

  • Matt G.

    Perhaps a letter home would have sufficed seems as it was day 1 of school. Then parents have chance to make sure their children are fully complaint with the rules.

    • Alexandra E.

      They've just had 6 weeks to ensure they have the correct uniform.

    • Cullen N.

      Yes they may have Also parents may not have had the money and bought the next best thing to the uniform. The principal was way too harsh in my opinion

    • Amanda T.

      They did send a letter home - in July. The problem is too many parents think the rules don't apply to them or their kids.

  • Joanne J.

    If the parents can't follow some simple rules and buy the correct uniform how do they expect their children to learn to respect the rules. As for not affording the uniform those that need financial help can get it, and if they don't wear a uniform the costs can be much more as children expect to 'keep up with the jones' and that's much more expensive than a uniform that can often be handed down.

    • Alison W.

      Can I just ask what financial help is available to buy uniforms? Thanks

    • Joanne J.

      The School Uniform Grant.

    • Joanne J.

      Sorry Alison Ward I tried to get the link but it won't paste correctly. If you Google it though it should take you to the right link on the .gov website.

    • Alison W.

      It says Northern Ireland only?

    • Jennifer D.

      You can not get the grant anymore you can apply for £30 of the school if they are starting a new school x

  • Catherine G.

    The headmaster. I don't think these kids will be very prepared for the real world if they can't follow rules and see their parents going against teachers. I'm fairly sure I would be sent home from work if I had trainers or trainer shoes on. And I doubt my mum standing outside kicking off will make much difference.

  • Neil W.

    First day back then a bit of leniency from the school would have sufficed. A letter could have been sent home with the child after school explaining that it wouldn't be tolerated after day 1

  • Karen A.

    I agree totally with your article.

  • Jennifer M.

    Headmaster was right - the parents knew the uniform policy and it is called uniform for a reason. Why do they think it wouldn't apply to their kids.

  • Roxy B.

    I totally agree that the uniform code should have been followed and parents had 6 weeks to get the correct uniform. However I don't think that sending them home achieves anything at all. An extra day off school is hardly a punishment.

    • Georgina P.

      It is for the parents... Day off work, inconvience... Fair play to the head :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Claire R.

    Uniform rules are there for a reason. If you had a work uniform would it be acceptable to turn up in whatever you like? That is why children are growing up thinking the rules don't apply to them.

  • Sarah M.

    This happened in my town. And to be fair the school doesn't have a great name. It was a new head who probably was trying to set out how he expects things to go now. School uniform is school uniform. It's not like we don't as parents know what is expected. I could get fired for not wearing the correct uniform for work, so no difference

  • Lisa C.

    Totally agree. Good for the head teacher

  • Angela S.

    Thumbs up for the headmaster!

  • Justyna L.

    Good rules but terribly handled! 1. Kids weren't allowed to even call parents that they're being sent home 2. Uniform supplier was only announced yesterday I believe so parents were made to shop at high street and find the nearest item matching description 3. Letter home should have been send first and children being sent home on day 2

  • Louise M.

    I agree kids should wear correct uniform but I believe their education is more important than what they have on. Give them a note to take home at end of the school day, if they do it again make an example of them 'how not to come to school' or keep them in at break. At the end of the day a school uniform really isnt that expensive and there are grants available to low income families to buy them. Its more a case of 'my child will wear what I/they want' with blatant disregard to the rules which is pretty much why society is the way it is because people think the rules dont apply to them!!! I hate my work uniform but if i didnt wear it id get my p45!! To use an american phrase I hate lol these parents need to 'suck it up' and buy the right uniform!

  • Louise M.

    Medical reasons are completely different than just flouting the dress code. If a doctor told my son to wear trainers thats what hed be wearing

  • Kelly C.

    I was all in favour of head teacher till I saw him on tv today! He send a child home in black flat shoes cause they had tassels on !!! Yet allowed her in today! Didt get uniform supplier sorted till today, why cudnt that be done July? And he's even paid for some children's new school uniform but not all! Very unfair and being picky, a girl who's 5ft 10" was send home cause skirt was too short however even the school agreed the old supplier didt do different lengths skirt, what's the parent meant to do then!

    I'm all for he's rules but he has handhelds it well at all and sort out these rules in while he was there so he could get it all sorted and everyone understand not just send out letter July and no one can contact him cause he's not there yet

  • Ally O.

    Follow the rules an it will be fine? It's life

  • Steff M.

    The mother said she could arrange for a sibling to bring shoes if the headteacher was happy to have her son in pain all day and he said yeah bring them i don't care

  • Becky H.

    Teachers don't have a uniform do they??? So what does teach children come on people seriously there are bigger issues to worry about with children than what bloody uniform they are wearing!!!

    • Kerry D.

      We don't have a uniform but we do have a very strict dress code that we have to adhere to, and yes we would be sent home to change if we didn't stick to it. They can't enforce a uniform because that would need to be paid for by the school, and I would imagine most parents would be a little peeved if class sizes got bigger and school facilities were closed because they had to pay for uniform for 100 teachers!

    • Natalie W.

      Of course teacher have to adhere to a dress code. Ask for school policies to check.

    • Becky H.

      Dress code not uniform

    • Tracey D.

      can you imagine a teacher rocking up to teach with a skirt up her arse??????

    • Helen S.

      er it happens at Charlotte s school there is a mixture of some staff dressed smart some look like they are going clubbing some off to the beach and some who have their comfy house clothes on!! x

    • Tracey D.

      your joking!!! classy eh!! all lewis teachers look like they are going to church which is good then you hear the stories when they go away withthem, telling the boys to hurry up lights out then them getting louder the more 'fluid' they drink!!

    • Helen S.

      that's good the teachers should also be setting an example. Charlotte s school have just changed into house teams so have to wear a coloured tie now. her friend got told off as her tie was not yellow enough!! there is only 1 shop we can purchase from so they need to sort that with supplier it's not like she made her own at home!!!! xx

    • Tracey D.

      haha not yellow enough!! jesus! some rules are ridiculous but others i think why are they even fighting that one! its an academy i see so the schools dropped (the one in the spot light not your char's) so they always start tightening the rules of everything! both lewis and jazz's schools are academies x

    • Helen S.

      ah I see!! Charlotte was also asked if she was wearing fake tan (we just back from hols ) she said no miss its real so she asked if char was sure! char said do you want to see my white bits miss!! Lol x

  • Alison W.

    Did none of these perfect parents commenting on here never go to school with their tie a little too short or wearing trainers instead of shoes? It's ridiculous. "Sorry your tie is one inch too short for our uniform policy so you get the day off. No learning for you today on your very first day at school because your uniform and our school image is more important than your education".....the wrong shade of grey? Sorry it's a total power trip from the head teacher.

    Also can I just ask what financial help is available to buy school uniform? I've never heard of this.

    • Cate M.

      If a family really can't afford to buy uniform schools will have a fund to support those families.

    • Alison W.

      I can't find anywhere that says this. It says the local council may help but all it says is that you need to speak to the head teacher first and they have to give you extra time to get the money to buy the uniform. I can't find anything about financial help.

    • Jennifer D.

      You can only apply for £30 of the school if they are starting a new school the school grant has been stopped x

    • Alison W.

      Jennifer Done thanks x

  • Marianne C.

    Do doctors, lawyers.I professors, headteachers, musicians etc wear uniforms? Hell no. But I bet your cleaners, bus drivers and traffic wardens do. Totally archaic concept that people rid themselves from as soon as they can.

  • Maria B.

    I shouldn't laugh but :laughing:. I feel bad for the kids how embarrassed must they of felt !!

  • Vicki P.

    Saying that he didn't care about the welfare and health of a child in their care is a major mistake. People don't care what you know until they know that you care.

  • Niamh T.

    ytrne thank god im not the only one lol

    • Caitlín M.


  • Lisa G.

    I dont disagree with the uniform rules but if they want to be that specific then maybe they should have a uniform shop where the uniform can be purchased that way everyone would be the same . I was more concerned reading that the children were being sent home without their parents knowing and some left to walk alone . I saw reports of children very distressed , as a parent thats what has upset me and if that was any of my children i would be fuming !

    • Nicola C.

      That's been my point all day but most people are missing it and just going mad at the parents! If the list said black shoes and your daughter was refused entry because her black shoes had a buckle on them then I would of gone mad too!

    • Lisa G.

      I think you are always going to get a handful of parents that seem to never bother and seem to want to fight against it . But i think uniform is a good idea definatly cheaper in the long run for parents and helps to cut down peer pressure . My daughter has just started a new school and i checked the uniform i bought her with 3 different people ! I wanted to make sure i had it right ! What he should have done was issued everyone who didnt "conform" with a letter saying they would not be let in the next day if it wasnt changed . To send them all home like that i think wasnt great ! I feel for those kids : (

    • Nicola C.

      Me too, it was handled very badly :( i agree with uniform too but just feel it's now becoming more important than the kids education x

    • Lisa G.

      I agree with you totally x

  • Sarah P.

    They are there to learn it isn't a fashion show ffs

  • Delsie P.

    Agree the headmaster should not have sent the children out on the first day but afterwards his rules should adhered to.He has a difficult job to build up this school.In the 1940/50schildren at the local grammar school were in trouble if they forgot to wear a grey hat going through BURY.

  • Ewa E.

    In my opinion the most important is to be clean and decent. Shade or designed clasps shouldn't be an issue. Yesterday I saw on my own eyes that one girls skirt was that short that didnt even cover her bum properly ! She was obese aswell so just imagine, how bad is that... blind parents? And then news in girl has been missing or been raped or someone has been picking on her. People ~ parents, think that in this point longer skirt could save ur daughters life.

    • Rhiannon M.

      Seriously...wearing a longer skirt could save someone from being raped?!

    • Christina W.

      Did you seriously just say longer skirts will save lives? You think a rapist goes round with a ruler measuring how long skirts are before he attacks?! People like you disgust me!

  • Gill J.

    Head teacher.. I have a child who has walking issues. Intoeing/hypermobility/bilateral groin pain/leg pain.. Needs special insoles etc no need to wear the wrong shoes. Find a stockist who can provide you with what you need. Riles are there for all. Once one person breaks them. ...

  • Maria W.

    Can understand parents going for slight alternatives to save money .Everything has to be school logo'd , my sons new school has black trousers with a black logo stitched below the pocket that with jumpers on you cant even see it ..when your short of money paying £ 40 for 2 pairs of black school trousers is extortionate, but it had to be paid ..

  • Karen N.

    I'm with the parents. Sorry but I am. I've read the article. And being sent home for gold buckles on black school shoes? Really? How ridiculous. the child is wearing school shoes and not trainers. School shoes are smart. Now my children attend a high school where there is a strict uniform policy. Everything with the exception of school bags and winter coats must adhere to the designated colours. Blazers must be worn. I'm all for that. And yes I totally understand that action could and should be taken for blatantly flouting the policy, with the action depending on the severity but I cannot see how a child missing vital days of education are worth a gold buckle or a white tick on trainers or a style of school trouser that is sold in a stores schoolwear department. To me that's ludicrous.

  • Laura M.

    Gold buckles u having a laugh If they've got the right colour shirt and bottoms on with black shoes and they look smart surely that's enough do kids not have enough to worry about these days with all the homework they send out let alone buckles of shoes Yea children should like smart but REALLY! PETTY

    • Nicola C.

      Finally someone with sense lol :)

    • Laura M.

      Lol I mean Christ my son started school this week and bloody hell the uniform varies so much between grey trousers black trousers and charcoal trousers the pinnies and skirts are different BECAUSE EVERY SHOP SELLS A DIFFERENT STYLE LOL head need to grow up. Lol

  • Nicola C.

    Of course, all these perfect people who never once broke a rule in school lol ; )

  • Caroline B.

    I heard about this on the news this morning. Fed up with the whole uniform saga now tbh. At least I know we did as requested by school so Rebecca won't be sent home

  • Rachael W.

    I can imagine. You did the right thing & followed the school rules

  • Nicola S.

    lol like having shiny shoes x

  • Jemma B.

    Are people actually blaming the children here?

  • Sandra O.

    Rules are rules! That is the uniform code for the school! No arguement! At the end of our school day we couldn't leave without wearing our blazers and berets. That was the school rules! We got on with it! Parents need to be working with teachers not fighting them in this way!

  • Laura M.

    This article is pathetic everyone is agreeing with the head yet the article give 1 example the gold buckles that's the only thing mentioned So everyone is agreeing with this head yet no one know what the kids actually got sent home for Were the trousers the wrong shade of black!? The wrong style!? Were the shirts the wrong colour white!? Let me guess the jumpers has a spec of dust on QUICK SEND THE HOME! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: If my kids got pulled for something so petty he'd not be going bk! Should be educating the kids not kicking them out of school for a petty buckle colour

  • Gemma L.

    Yeah, the parent said he had the operation a year ago then said she could arrange to get a sibling to bring in his shoes from last term?! Also said that she didn't think it was a problem as her older child had worn air max last year. Not good enough! He stated that had he been handed a medical note then yes, of course it would have been ok! Don't agree with the socks though, that looked bloody painful and in my opinion, is neglect of that child!

  • Andy W.

    probs most of the "parents" who were angry and shouting their big mouths off were probs on something most of them should have had their kids took off them at birth. sending their kids to school with the cheeks of their arse hanging out and full of make up and they are only 13. fucksake???????? i picked a stupid fucking dafty up and her 14 year old was pregnant she said i canny wait tae be a granny pure brilliant a granny at 29 il be able to go tae the dancin way ma gran wean.hehehehe. i said 14s a bit young is it not she said naw is it fuck ,fucksake i had her when i was young and ive done a good job bringing her up am a brilliant ma.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aye right. . sometimes i fucking really wonder if we are being invaded by please dont give her drugs shes already on a different planet..

  • Marie S.

    Think it's great.. Children need to learn to respect & abide by rules & that they are Infact children. To b fair it's parents who didn't buy right uniform

  • Amelia A.

    Follow the rules be a sheep :ram:

    • Alexandra E.

      And succeed in life

  • Brontie-lee W.


  • Gill C.

    Teachers are in the right

  • Helga M.

    Parents 100%

  • Helga M.

    Teacher's don't wear uniforms I think is not fair

  • Ti G.

    I think the whole uniform saga is a p-take. In the real world, if I went to work and was expected to wear a uniform, it would be provided for me and I would be expected to comply. If however, I have to get my own things and spend my own cash, I think I should have some leeway on what I purchase. Who cares if a skirt is 28 or 30 inches? Who cares if it has an extra pleat? Does it really affect my intelligence and ability to study if I wear long socks instead of tights? Does it hurt anyone if I wear black trainers for my foot condition instead of flat shoes that leave me in agony for the rest of the day and aggravate my condition even more? Headmasters need to get a grip and realise they are there first and foremost to educate our youth, not as an alternative to the gestapo! You'd think all these kids were destined for the army next week!!! :rage:

  • Samantha H.

    Handled very badly! Uniforms are good in theory they hopefully cut down on bullying etc, but to be so specific on a particular shade of black is ridiculous, having to buy a school water bottle I'm mean seriously it's a bloody water bottle, uniforms are expensive you should be able to go to a high street store and buy the closest possible shade but no you have to go to a specific shop and buy an exact colour sounds like school is getting profit there! If he'd have sent my child home without my knowledge I'd have gone nuts!

  • Carli S.

    I work at a school where uniform policy is regularly not followed and we have a constant daily battle with parents and students. It's so refreshing to hear so many of you backing the school! Some of this was handled inappropriately but I believe the heads thought he wanted to start as he meant to go on and set high expectations!! X

  • Lesley M.

    This is a failing school. The Head Master is there to turn it around. Many schools that have successfully turned around have implemented similar policies. Installing discipline, respect and a sense of pride and belonging are crucial to this process. Parents were informed weeks ago about the change in uniform. Such an over reaction by parents, they should have bought the correct uniform in the first place. If home and school work together you can achieve magnificent results. The Head will have to install 'tough' policies to succeed ... Unliked by the minority... But support and trust the Head and the school... It's failing for a reason!

    • Katy M.

      He changed what "his" uniform should be though Lesley, turning kids away for wearing black shoes that aren't leather?! How's that fixing the school by not letting them in? He's a bell end strict uniform has nothing to do with education xo

    • Lesley M.

      you are entitled to your opinion as am I. It's really is a bigger picture than the uniform. Even when strict uniform rules were issued... There had to be the parents who chose to break it even in a small way, to show a degree of defiance and oh that rule doesn't apply to me etc etc. Katy you have to look at this as a bigger picture. The school is failing the kids are not achieving what they should be and yes for a school like that tough policies and support and trust in the Head and school will turn it around.. It has been proven. You may not like it but go with it.. Give it time to succeed. As I said the school is failing and it is hard and tough to turn it around. The biggest problem schools like this face is social factors and attitude to school by both parents and children. Earn and give respect, believe in yourself, have a sense of belonging and trust that through the tough policies that will be implemented now and in the future it's not done lightly it's there to get the best out of your children and create an environment where success is celebrated and children/young adults achieve and succeed in academics and morality with a fair sense of right and wrong.

    • Katy M.

      Good on him for making changes but it's not a private run school sending kids home for not have leather shoes or wrong colour hair clips in isn't doing anything to educate the children at all, where is he finding the connection between strict uniform and education. By all means be strict in tie wearing white shirt wearing black shoes and all the rest but wrong material for him?? Awful I would be just as annoyed as the parents if Chloe got turned away for being in school uniform. It will be very interesting to see the outcome of this xo

    • Lesley M.

      u r still missing the point... Will just leave it there.

    • Katy M.

      I'm not disagreeing with you and I get your point but why such a strict uniform for a public school?

    • Nicola C.

      I'm with you Katy Milne, at the end of the day a gold buckle isn't going to stop a child learning, its not going to distract other kids or bring the schools standards down - if a child had turned up in jeans i could totally understand but most of these issues were very petty and to be honest not communicated well enough to the parents in the first place! This was his first day too and frankly he's given a very bad first impression when all he had to do was send a note home with those children and inform the parents first. He put children in danger and that is unforgivable :( And yes i have been through the whole change similar to this school and guess what - the good kids still behave, the bullies still bully and the trouble makers are still trouble, only difference is they all now look 'smart' while they do it.....

  • Tegan M.

    Pitty they don't take there teaching as serious as there dress code. I can't see a problem as long as they have the right logo on for the school

  • Jenna P.

    I'm definitely pro uniform however I think sending kids home because there not wearing the right coloured socks is taking it a bit far .

  • Alexandra E.

    If my child had to wear trainers due to a medical condition, they would take in a doctors note!

  • Di M.

    Come on folks it is vitally important that the kids get the basics right otherwise what chance have they got when things get really tough. Parents step up and take responsibility please!

  • Vanessa T.

    Make the teachers have to wear uniform !!! After all they are there to lead by example :rage::rage::rage: contradicting much !!!!

  • Stephanie H.


  • Theresa S.

    It's a disgrace.This must all be in England or in the more upperclass areas in Glasgow and Edinburgh.Where we live as long as u are wearing the school colours ie- red sweatshirt or cardigan, white blouse or polo shirt, black or grey trousers and black shoes u are deemed to be appropriately dressed.this is as it should be! I have worked in various nursery schools, and home care companies.none of which stipulate trousers must be a certain style eg bootcut, straight leg etc so Sending a child home for the "style " of trouser they are wearing is ridiculous..

  • Charlotte C.

    Then u get the teachers dressed like tramps

  • Rachael C.

    The dress code was easy enough to stick to without having to pay for expensive uniform from the schools own shop. It's the parents' own fault that their children got sent home. Black knee length skirt, black trousers, white shirt, black v-kneck jumper, black blazer with the schools badge, plain black socks, school tie and plain black shoes- not exactly difficult to stick to, was it?

  • Rachael C.

    According to Mr. Tate they were given the list before the holidays and it was pretty specific. It did specify black socks, plain straight leg trousers, plain black shoes, cardigans cannot be worn in place of blazers, cardigans are not a part of the uniform at all etc. He should be able to wear trainers for medical reasons. Other than that, the parents knew what they were supposed to be buying and they went out and bought it, so (with a couple of exceptions) it was their own fault.

  • Jo S.

    Gold buckles on shoes sounds a bit extreme but we're not hearing the full story. What were the exact rules? Were they fully explained to the parents before the six weeks hols? Was the consequences explained to the parents?

  • Rita E.

    Rules are to be obeyed. But he should have let them in and told them not to return next day without correct uniforn

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