School Pupils Sent Home For Wearing Trouser Which Teachers Deem Too Tight

12 September 2015

should teachers send students home for wearing tight trousers

I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty tired of stories in the news about schools admonishing pupils for ridiculous misdemeanors. If it's not teachers confiscating food items from lunch boxes on the basis that they're unhealthy, it's kids being sent home for wearing the wrong shoes.

But this one really takes the biscuit. A school in Stoke on Trent banned girls from wearing skirts - allegedly because they were distracting male teachers. Now the same school has sent female pupils home on the first day of term for wearing trousers which are too tight.

Metro reports:

"Back in July Dr Rowena Blencowe said she was fed up of telling girls off for showing too much leg and wearing skirts that ‘barely covered their bottoms’. But she’s come under fire again after ten girls were kicked out as they arrived at Trentham High School, Stoke-on-Trent, this week. Bizarrely, staff inspected pupils at the school gates to decide whether their trousers were too tight. The students were kept out of some lessons and threatened with isolation if they refused to go home to put on baggier trousers."

Now I'm all for raising kids who know how to respect authority and follow rules - my own kids are routinely sent back upstairs to put on socks that meet their school's uniform policy instead of the designer brand sports socks they'd much rather wear - but I think this is a step too far.

The headmistress defended the school's actions, saying:

‘Our guidelines are clear. It is up to parents to make sure their child attends school wearing trousers which suit their shape. Trousers which fit one pupil may be too tight on another, we have to draw the line somewhere.’

But I disagree. I think teaching staff should stick to the business of teaching - the clue to the job is in its name - and avoid scrutinising uniform. Who is one school teacher to say whether a teenage girl's trousers suit her shape? And what if parents saw fit to start analysing what teachers wear to school, calling out clothes which don't suit them?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Are schools right to send girls home for wearing trousers that teachers have deemed too tight?

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  • Magrathea
    Teachers have always 'policed' uniform at school, that would seem to be part of their job in upholding school rules and discipline. Back in my day (late 60's to mid70's) we weren't allowed short skirts and teachers checked! Who else is going to uphold the rules the school sets if the parents allow their children to flout them. I have grown up children and remember the arguments over footwear and so on only too well. Uniform is a great leveller and if the school says it should be worn this way then that's the way it should be worn!
  • Aslomax
    I agree uniform is a great leveller and shouldn't be deviated away from. However my mum went ballistic in the 80s when my sister and I mithered her to buy fashionable "farrar" trousers and we were sent home from school as they were deemed too tight and " the cut was not designed for ladies bottoms "!!!!! We thought we looked super trendy. Agree with Magrathea it's all part of upholding rules and discipline.

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