School Bans Pupils From School Trips If Parents Post Negatively About School On Social Media

18 September 2015

School Bans Pupils From School Trips If Their Parents Post Negatively About School On Social Media

We've all done it; posted something on social media in the heat of the moment and then regretted it later.

But parents of pupils at a school in Yorkshire might be feeling an extreme version of that kind of remorse, given that the school has announced plans to ban kids from school trips if parents write critical comments on social media about the school.

Yes, you read that write. If you moan on Facebook about your kid having too much homework, you could find they're barred from the next school trip.

Heavy-handed, much?!

The BBC reports:

Pupils at a Yorkshire academy could be banned from trips if parents post negative comments about the school on social media.

In a letter, Morley Academy said "personal or insulting comments" by pupils, parents and carers will result in the "full withdrawal of privileges".

One unnamed parent said it was "worse than being in the North Korean army."

Head teacher Leanne Griffiths said parents and carers were being asked to model appropriate behaviour.

The school's principal said:

"We would deem that breakdown in rapport to represent a significant risk and we would not want to put the student, or any other student or ourselves, in a vulnerable position until we re-establish that rapport."

She added that there had been "too many examples of inaccurate and deeply offensive comments" made on social media and said the school is working with police to address the issue.

Now I'm all for a bit of modelling when it comes to parenting tools - demonstrating the sort of behaviour we'd like our kids to exhibit is all part and parcel of being a mum or dad, in my book, but it still strikes me as a little bit overbearing of the school to act in this manner.

I go out of my way to avoid whinging about my children's school on social media - it's plain bad manners to have a moan behind the teachers' backs, never mind where hundreds of other people can read all about it - but I know not all parents feel that way. And I appreciate that the school are merely taking steps to address that behaviour.

But what's your view? Should parents have the 'right' to say what they like on social media about their child's school? Or is the school right to take steps to crack down on this? Come and tell us over one our Facebook page.

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  • Bear1985
    How ridiculous and sad that they would punish a child for its parents actions
  • MargaretMcKzie
    What a disgraceful attitude, they are obviously aware that there is cause for concern and are worried about the schools problems becoming widely known. I would suggest that any Parent who is concerned about any aspect of this school or its staff should open up an anonymous e-mail and facebook account and make all the parents aware of the problem/s
  • SmeetaSmitten
    Sounds like more about punishing kids for what the parents/carers have done and said. Unprofessional on the part if the school in my opinion. There are more mature ways to deal with this.

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