I'm ridiculously over-excited about this review. Apologies in advance for gushing.

All too rarely, an email pops into my inbox offering me something for nothing. This week, it was a discount code for a company I'd never heard of before called

I LOVE the premise behind this clever little outfit. For just £2.99 a week you can get a nutritionally balanced box of healthy deliciousness delivered to your desk and personalised to your own fine tastes.

First, you choose the type of box (graze nibble or graze fruit, each with four deskpunnets of healthy treats), which day of the week and how frequently you'd like it delivered. Next you browse the taste-tastic virtual aisles of the Graze online store to give them an idea of which natural foods you love and which you loathe. Then they'll hand-pick a box based on your preferences and deliver it to your door with free first class delivery. Genius!

The menu is a mouth-watering array of healthy, natural food; everything from fresh fruit, nuts and seeds to  dried fruits, natural treats and the best olives I’ve ever sampled. There's plenty on offer for the chocaholics among us, too. The 'eldorado' mix of cranberries, hazelnuts and dark chocolate-coated cocoa beans is  quite literally a little bit of a heaven in a box. And all items are free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives .

I signed up for a free trial which involved my first box being free, and 50% off the second box. I vowed to cancel my account after that, since it doesn't really pay to write these reviews if you end up spending everything you earn on every product or service you write about.... but I'm hooked. My husband and I LOVE our little box of nutritional deliciousness too much to do without it now. We get ours delivered on a Wednesday night which is officially date night in our house, and in two short weeks it has become something of a wind-down ritual to uncork the wine and crack open the Graze box while we make dinner. I look forward to opening the Graze box with an almost irrational sense of excitement; not knowing what you're going to get to eat is bizarrely good fun, and we've discovered foods which we love but didn't know existed before. Green raisins, anyone? Or how about ones infused with pineapple juice? Awesome.

olivesThere’s no nasty upfront financial commitment or lifetime contract. You only pay per box and they only charge you on the day they send the box. You can cancel your weekly deliveries at any time and if you’re going out of town you can add a ‘delivery holiday’ for a week or two, or change your delivery day from one week to the next.

According to the Graze nutritional team, ‘grazing’ on natural foods throughout the day instead of fixed meal times provides slow release all-day energy, making it a great way to lose weight by controlling your blood sugar. All day grazing is also a good way of getting more balance and variety into your diet, helping you eat plenty of the stuff that’s good for you.

I don't know about all that but I do know that if you sign up and enter the code DNLHWLZ you'll get a free box too, and we'll donate £1 to the Rainforest Alliance in your honour! And of course no obligation to pay for any further boxes after that... although be warned, you might find yourself powerless to resist!banner

If you do sign up you can add other addresses to your account if you'd like to lavish a little graze love on a friend or colleague, and you can even buy gift vouchers for friends, who can choose when they get their boxes delivered without having to set up a weekly order. You can also order a one-off box if you feel like sending someone a quirky little thank you in the post.

This is an indulgent treat rather than a money-saving deal but I do think it represents brilliant value. The quality of the food is exceptional and £2.99 a week seems like money well spent in this case. The portions are small but perfectly formed - just enough for a day's grazing for one, or ideal as pre-dinner nibbles for two or even for sharing with friends. On that note I'm off for the ultimate Saturday morning indulgence; an episode of Grey's Anatomy with the remainder of my delicious graze box... I only hope someone saved me some of those chocolate-coated cocoa beans!

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  • Hmm
    I wonder if Graze is somehow part of the HUKD network - Im sure it was pushed on Bitterwallet - now on here...
  • mike
    It is nice and different but it is 2.99 a box, can be bought cheaper individually
  • Emma K.
    Looks delish and quite handy for me too as I work from home. I'm giving it a try :) @Hmm - I can't see it on Bitterwallet.
  • Heidi S.
    Hmm - a cynic! Definitely no sinister connections and I can assure you we're not 'pushing' - just sharing the love with the offer of a free box and a £1 donation to charidee. Can't say fairer than that. Mike - clearly you've not sampled the delights of these boxes. I challenge you to find the goodies within elsewhere for cheaper than £2.99 - that's four different fresh and healthy food items for less than 75p each!
  • Simon
    Hey Heidi, I've taken up the challenge. Check dis: That'll be broccoli, kiwi fruit, apples, mushrooms, potatoes, and butternut squash. All for £2.94. Is that better value than I don't work for Aldi btw.
  • Heidi S.
    Haha! Simon, you're good, and that's good value, I'll give you that. Except I think you fail the challenge as the graze box is full of much more tempting treats. I'm telling you - click that link for a free box, try those olives and the eldorado mix, and tell me you can find em elsewhere for the equivalent of 75p each! I don't work for Graze, either, btw!
  • mike
    Actually Heidi I took up the free offer and subscribed for a further 2 weeks and at 2.99 per box I wasnt impressed
  • Heidi S.
    Really, Mike? Huh. Fair enough. Sorry it didn't work out for ya!
  • Jo
    "Quite literally"? I don't think the word "literally" means what you think it does.
  • Heidi
    Jo! Point taken, apologies and also disclaimer: there may not literally be heaven in your box, depending on your theology. And whether you select those cocoa beans.
  • Emma K.
    Yum! I've just had some delish pitted green olives in citrus marinade, and am now on the pack of white chocolate, green and red raisins. Nice!
  • Heidi S.
    Ooh yum. Hey everyone - let us know what you think of your box if you've signed up for the freebie!
  • buyer b.
    For those not in the know, the incentive to share a GRaze discount code as this review does is £1 for the affiliate owner of that code. So £1.00 for the writer of this post which she has gone out of her way to omit while using charity to persuade people to sign up. How much has the Rain Forest Alliance received from this offer? Try it by all means, but the guff in this review may be motivated by the £1.00 Graze pays the author for every person that signs up using her code. This is why if you look at tweets, forum posts, blogs, whenever Graze is written about there is always a code, the writer's code. These are not reviews, they are paid posts. If the wrtier's were authoring reviews, there would be no need to include their unique discount codes.
  • Lynley O.
    The author of this post recieves nothing at all each time the code quoted above is used. That's £0 for the author. Just to reassure! Don't know what the owner of the blog might recieve, if anything at all, but the owner has no say in - nor do they attempt to dictate - the content of the blog posts on this blog. It is an interesting point to raise, and one that is perhaps worth keeping mind. I really can't speak for other blogs! But as we're all journalists here on Play Pennies we do have to make sure we keep our integrity. Just because it is a blog doesn't mean we don't have our pride :)
  • Tamsin O.
    I would also like to add that so far the Rainforest Alliance has received £9 in donations from Heidi. She has not received a penny. Additionally, none of the reviews on this site are paid for in any way, shape or form. We offer impartial and honest reviews of the products we get and this will never change because we believe in writer's integrity.
  • Lynley O.
    oh well done Heidi! Every little helps and all that.
  • Emma S.
    RIP OFF COMPANY - they promote a free box and then charge you for more boxes and start to deliver them. They dont clearly state that they will start to charge you for the boxes, they just mention delivery days. Also price not good enough for what you get, local health food shops sell the same. Using codes means the owner of the code can get £1 off their box or donate it to a charity.
  • Carful C.
    Graze use a Negative Option Billing Scheme, similar to the old Columbia House Record Mail scheme in the 50's and 60's. Make sure before you purchase that you know you are signing up for weekly distribution, which can be unclear to some. I don't agree with this consumer scheme as I believe it to be deceitful, get a "free" box, without tell you clearly that you are signing up for a subscription service.
  • Christian
    I'm surprised people are complaining about being charged for later boxes and not knowing about them. I've just ordered the free box and things couldn't have been clearer, I'll get one free then a next at half price, beyond that I will continue to get two a week at full price unless I cancel. It's not like I had to read any small print to get that information, their website is perfectly clear and I'm grateful for the freebie. I'll see how I get on with the first two but suspect I'll reduce to 1 a week in the long run and if I don't like it I'll cancel, simple.
  • Jon
    They are a great company and the product is good. It's not at all misleading, you are clearly told as you enter your card details that you will be getting a box every week (or whatever you set it to!). It's very easy to log on and cancel if you just wanna get the free and cheap boxes. That's what I intended to do... but ended up liking the product so much I now get 2 a week delivered to my work. You could get things a little cheaper if you shopped around, but you would not get the convince or selection, or just the fun, of getting it with It's worth noting though that the boxes are now 3.50 each, but it's still good valve. I get 2 a week because I like to eat healthy nuts and seeds every day, which works out less then £30 a month for a meal a day.
  • Richard
    £3.49 a box would be good value if the portions weren't so tiny. You get better far quality and value at the supermarket! Also, most of the product range consists of dried fruit, nuts and seeds - pretty dull considering the price you pay!

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