Report Calls For Smoking Ban In Public Outdoor Spaces - Including Outside School Gates

14 August 2015


If you've ever been bothered by someone else's cigarette smoke whilst enjoying a drink in your local pub's beer garden, it probably won't surprise you to learn that there's a call for the public smoking ban to be extended to public places, including beer gardens, outdoor dining areas of restaurants and - get this - school gates.

The BBC reports:

The Royal Society for Public Health said smoking should be seen as "abnormal" and more controls are needed to cover areas where people gather. Its report said people needing a fix of nicotine should use e-cigarettes.

But critics say the idea is nor workable and that it could end up putting pubs out of business altogether.

A spokesperson for the Society said that allowing children to see adults smoking in public places such as outside school gates "risks teaching them that smoking is a normal and safe habit" and that banning smoking in public places frequented y childrem could help "denormalise" smoking, reducing the likelihood of children becoming smokers in later life.

I know I won't be popular among the smokers, including those struggling to give up, but I'm all for this ban. I do my best to avoid judging other parents since I'm a firm believer in the fact that most of us are doing our best as mums and dads, but it always surprises me to see parents and carers smoking at the school gates, or indeed anywhere near their kids.

I appreciate that smoking is a highly addictive habit and that it's easy for me to condemn it when I'm not the one struggling to quit, but I reckon banning smoking from public places could be the impetus that helps persuade others to give up the cigs.

What's your view? Would you like to see smoking banned from public places such as outside school gates? Com and tell us over on our Facebook page.

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