Prince George Meets Obama - In Pyjamas!

22 April 2016
Prince George Meets Obama - In Pyjamas!

Remember being a little kid and being allowed to stay up late to meet mum's mates when they had people round for dinner?

Check out how that works in the Royal household for Prince George. He got to meet the Obamas - wearing his pyjamas, no less - and thank them for the rocking horse they bought when he was born!

Officially the best Royal pics ever, if you ask me.

But is it just me, or do William and Kate look just a teensy bit relieved that the Royal munchkin is behaving himself?!

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  • Danielle C.

    Aw I love this. :relaxed:

  • Jayne N.

    Gorgeous x

  • Leanne C.

    Its stopped working :(

  • Leanne C.

    Its stopped working :(

  • Pamela E.

    I can't get on to any play pennies links at the mo.?

  • Emma S.


  • Susan M.


  • Kimberley B.

    Very cute x

  • Nikki S.

    Obama had that horse made for George when he was born. Makes the picture that much sweeter! If I remember correctly it was carved from a tree that grows in the white house gardens

  • Maria J.

    That's so rock and roll

  • Sarah D.

    caleb was right it was Obama :) xx

  • Connie B.


  • Claire M.

    Absolutely love this xx

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