Parents Told Off For Swearing At School Gates

Told Off For Swearing At School Gates
22 February 2016

It seems you can't move these days for stories about school principals and head teachers giving parents a telling off.

But have you heard the latest about the school that asked mums and dads to tone down their language at the school gates?

The Express reports:

"The increasingly blue language being used on the primary school's grounds and outside its gates has upset some pupils while others - as young as five - have begun copying them. The note from Heathcoat Primary School in Tiverton, Devon, said: "We have sadly noticed that some adults have been swearing on the school grounds."'

Parents were reminded of the importance of being careful about the language they use whilst visiting the school and when around children who attend.

You know, I don't mind admitting that I was surprised to hear a mum let rip with a few choice words in the school playground not too long ago. And despite my best efforts to shoot her a stern look of disapproval, she paid not a bit of notice.

I know swearing is a pretty personal matter and that what's deemed completely intolerable talk in one house will be routine dinner table banter in another, but what's your view?

Do you think swearing in the presence of children is unacceptable? Was the school right to pick parents up on their bad language, or is it beyond the bounds of a school's responsibility to take parents to task for such things? We'd love to hear your views over on our Facebook page.

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  • Nannyshell

    no we should not swear children need to be shielded I hate it when adults swear around my grandchildren and I tell them too it's just wrong

    • motherof2

      I agree, I think swearing  shows low vocabulary. Obviously there are times for a few swear words but if you can't control yourself around children then it doesn't bode well for the child's speech development. There are plenty of other words to use in times of frustration/anger at the school gates. 

    • safesound

      I find swearing offensive in ordinary conversion anyway, but we should especially watch our language around little ones. I regularly complain at my 60something year old mother for saying arse and bloody in front of my 4 year old. She NEVER swore when I was small but it seems so much more accepted these days.

  • admin

    Thanks for all your comments, some interesting points raised! 

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