Parents And Teachers Can Issue Parking Tickets In New Council Scheme To Tackle Illegal Parking Outside Schools

26 September 2015

Council gives parents and teachers right to issue parking tickets outside schools

A school in Essex has granted teachers and powers the power to issue parking tickets to people who park illegally outside schools.

The BBC reports:

Teachers and parents are being asked to act as traffic wardens with powers to issue parking tickets outside Essex schools. A Thurrock Council pilot scheme, first reported by Your Thurrock, will begin on Monday at a Tilbury primary school.

The scheme is a bid by the council, who say to they don't have enough traffic wardens to deal with the issue, to tackle illegal parking outside schools. Parents who sign up will be given a week's training before being able to issue parking tickets.

But critics have pointed out that the move could cause trouble, sparking arguments between parents and teaching staff.

It boggles my mind that any local council would have to resort to this kind of action. Aside from the fact that councils should have the resources to tackle illegal parking without having to recruit an army of volunteers, what really surprises me is how prevalent poor parking is outside schools.

On a daily basis I'm pretty much gobsmacked at the choices parents and carers make when dropping their children off at school. Just this week I watched someone, presumably a grandparent, hold up the entire flow of traffic outside my sons' school as he proceeded to stop his car in the middle of the road - on the zig zag lines, no less and on the opposite side of the road to where cars can park legally - so that he could let his daughter get out of the car and clamber into school.

Now I'm all for parents cutting other parents some slack on the basis that we all have bad days and most of us are pretty much doing our best, but it's the selfishness that puts one child's (or more likely, their parents') convenience ahead of the safety of all the other parents and children around that astounds me. Why should the rest of us wait or be forced into a dangerous situation just so that one parent can dispatch his child into school without having to walk any distance? It beggars belief.

So on the that basis, I'm in support of this unusual move to combat selfish and dangerous parking outside schools and I'd happily volunteer as a parking warden. As for the possibility of getting into conflict with parents who park poorly, I'd rather have a row before I slap them with a parking ticket than go through the stress of navigating my way past other people's lazy parking each and every morning.

But what's your view on this story? Do you think the volunteer parking warden scheme will work, and would you sign up to be one? Or do you think asking parents and teaching staff to police parking outside schools is a step too far? We'd love to hear your thoughts over on our Facebook page.

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  • me1943
    A very good idea but not a parent or teacher but a volunteer from the local community with an arm band to prove they are legal. Maybe with the backing of a community support officer /parking warden for the first week

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