One In Four Parents Leave Children Unattended In The Car

28 August 2015

Baby left unattended in car

Would it surprise you to learn that a quarter of parents admit to leaving their children unattended in the car?

The Daily Mail reports:

A quarter of parents admit leaving their children alone in a car while they nip out on an errand. Even those as young as five are sometimes left unattended, with the average parent not returning for 22 minutes. Younger couples are particularly prone to leaving their children in the car – with 42 per cent of 18 to 34-year-olds confessing they have done so. Alarmingly, one in four of this group did it because they ‘forgot’ their children were there. And one in six admitted to locking them in as a punishment.

I just can't wrap my head around these figures, and am having to hope that someone mangled up the data or lots of parents ticked the wrong box.

I know there'll be plenty of you who disagree vehemently, but leaving a child in your vehicle within your sightline while you pay for petrol may be one thing - locking a child in a vehicle as a punishment or forgetting your child is in the car is just a whole other galaxy away.

I'm genuinely lost for words. And I've never forgotten a friend's experience. She left her sleeping child in the car for all of five minutes while she popped into her local shop for a pint of milk, and came out to find the police had been called. Needless to say she was given a stern talking-to, and has never left her child unattended in the car since.

I know there are excceptions to every rule, and times when leaving your child in a vehicle seems unavoidable but in the words of my mother-in-law: You wouldn't leave a million pounds sitting in plain sight unattended in your car, so why on earth your kids, who are invaluable.

It's also worth adding that in the eyes of the law it's technically an offence to leave a child unattended in a car.

What's your view on this? Do you ever leave your little on unattended in the car?

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  • olivia280177
    My littlest are 5 and 4. I have left them in the car before and ran into a shop for a loaf of bread (parked right in front of shop) but I don't now, I was being lazy and I shouldn't have done it - I take them in to petrol station now aswell as the one I go to is a big M&S aswell so it's better to take them in than leave them as you often don't get served straight away.

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