New Dads Prefer Partner's Post-Birth Body

New Dads Prefer Partner's Post-Birth Body
31 December 2015

Many new mums feel self-conscious about their post-baby bodies but new research suggests all those fears might be unfounded.

According to a new reports from Channel Mum, two thirds of men prefer their partner's post-birth fuller figure.

Almost half (44%) of the new mums questioned in a national survey of 1118 families worried that their partner wouldn't fancy them, yet two thirds of the men (64%) said they preferred their wife or girlfriend's curvier post-birth body.

One third (33%) of the men surveyed said they 'didn't see any difference' in their partner's figure while only three per cent claimed not to like the changes that motherhood had made to their partner's body. I hope (for their sake) that they chose their words carefully if they saw fit to voice that perspective. I'm all for honesty in a relationship but if my husband dropped that bombshell on me postpartum I don't think I'd have been exactly diplomatic in my response.

Channel Mum founder Siobhan Freegard said:

"Having a baby is the biggest change you can bring into a relationship, so it's wonderful to see it can bring couples closer together rather than drive them apart. While no one is pretending it's easy to get your love life back on track post-birth, perhaps new mums can enjoy their extra curves as much as their partner does."

What's more, 94 per cent of parents say they are satisfied with their sex life, and 57 per cent claim sex is better after having kids.

As for the old adage that parenthood can play havoc with your, um, marital relations, three in five couples (58%) said they had less sex after becoming parents but 28 per cent actually claimed things were more active in that department than before the kids came along. Four in five couples (83%) said becoming a mum and dad made them focus more on the quality, not quantity, of their romantic encounters.

Back to post-birth body confidence though - only 14 per cent of the new mums surveyed said they felt body confident and over a third (35%) admitted to feeling 'too fat for sex' whereas one in 20 mums claimed to use sex as a workout to help lose their baby weight.

The most popular time for parents to make love is in the evening when the kids are asleep, with 78 per cent taking advantage of this, along with half who book weekends away without their children.

Finally, the survey revealed that dads want sex twice a week on average while mums would be happy with once a week. In reality, the average amount of sex new parents get is apparently six times a month, although it's not clear who's counting.

I hardly know what to say about any of this so let's move swiftly on to what you think. Do these stats surprise you or do they mirror your own feelings on the saucy subject? Does your partner claim to prefer your post-baby body, and do you believe him? Pop over to our Facebook page to share your views.

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