Neighbours Write Off Cost Of Repair After Parents Own Up To Toddler Damaging Car

29 June 2015

Toddler damages neighbour's car

The parents of a toddler who accidentally damaged a neighbour's car got a nice surprise when they opened their post after offering to pay for the damage

Metro reports:

"The blundering tot accidentally put a dent the vehicle while opening the car door. Both parents, who aren't named but are from the UK, honourably told the owner they would foot the repair bill. But after reminding them about the incident several days later, they received a letter through the post."

A few days after the incident, the letter pictured above arrived through the couple's letterbox. It seems the vehicle-owner, who had to fork out more than £1,800 to repair the damage accidentally inflicted on their car by the little boy, decided to waive the costs - as long as the couple continued to take in parcels on their behalf when delivered in their absence.

I absolutely love this story - it reminds me of the tales you hear about strangers writing notes to commend mums for their parenting skills, or the recent story that made the headlines whereby a waitress paid for a couple's meal after asking about their new baby, who had died suddenly in tragic circumstances.

If only everyone in the world paid it forward like this. Which begs the question - what's the kindest gesture anyone has ever extended towards you or your child? We'd love to hear about it over on our Facebook page.

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