Mum Of Triplets Shares Amazing Placenta Pic

24 June 2015


You could be forgiven for thinking this must be a particularly colourful piece of toddler art work. But you'd be wrong. Very wrong. It is in fact a photograph of a placenta.

The photograph was shared online by the mother of triplets, who were delivered early at 30 weeks. It details, in colour-coding, which section of the placenta each baby accessed in the womb.

The Metro reports:

After doctors delivered Sammi Edes’s three babies, they dyed the blood vessels in order to show which part belonged to each child as they developed in the womb.

But while sons Geoffrey and Hunter had a huge share of nutrients, third son Thomas was only able to access a tiny section of the food source, and doctors didn’t think that he would survive.

Sammi added:

‘I thought I would share this picture with all of you guys as it’s something we as mums don’t really ever get to see and this is our babies’ lifeline when inside us. It’s pretty amazing to think that was keeping them alive.’

All three babies are recovering well.

And on the subject of strange or unusual uses for your placenta, dyeing your placenta surely has to be more preferable than drinking it in a smoothie or having it made into a health supplement, as celeb mums are fond of doing.

Indeed, one recent US study found that there is "no scientific evidence that eating the placenta after childbirth can protect women against depression and boost energy", according to the BBC.

What's your view? And what did you do with your placenta after giving birth? We'd love to hear your stories over on our Facebook page.

Image credit: Facebook / Sammi Edes

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