Mum Publicly Shames Her Son As A Bully

Mum Publicly Shames Her Son As A Bully
6 March 2016

This Mother, Terri Evans, has hit the headlines today after a Facebook post she made about her son went viral. She found out that her son had bullied a girl at his school and decided to teach him a lesson by publicly naming and shaming him on Facebook.

Her post, which has since been deleted, read as follows:

"Absolutely disgusted that my 12 year old son saw fit to purposefully tread on a new girls foot at school and twist his foot with such force it broke her brand new shoes (causing the heel) to snap.

I'll tell you something Jacob ( JustPost Rng Photos) if you so much as breath in her or anyone's direction in a bullying manner I will personally hand you over to their parents for every demeaning chore they see fit for as long as they do... kiss goodbye to your birthday money as you will be buying the girl a new pair of shoes and a bunch of flowers! #iwillnothaveabullyinmyhouse"

The post attracted a huge amount of attention, the majority of it praising the no-nonsense approach of her parenting style, with many saying that this was the best way to teach the boy a lesson, though a significant minority disagreed with her and were not afraid to say so. The post was later updated with the following addition:

"Update. To answer a few questions, yes my son can see it, he was tagged in it before it went viral(which I didn't realise was going to happen) so his friends could see that his actions have consequences, he is not big, clever, hard or funny, he's a 12 year old boy answerable to his mam.

I don't much care who doesn't agree with my parenting style, my son humiliated and embarrassed a girl, regardless of his reasoning (which was he didn't expect to break the shoe he just thought she may step out of it or stumble) that little girl still cried, for anyone's knowledge that girl may have left her old school because she was being bullied... then imagine how much worse my son's ridiculous act would have made her feel.

So my so called embarrassing him online is a to be quite frankly nothing in comparison to the humiliation that little girl had to face walking round with a broken shoe and red eyes from crying when she is new.

Ps... of course I sat and spoke to him about his behaviour, I didn't just tag him in a post and he read it! I am wholly confident this was a single occurrence which won't be repeated."

The attention this Facebook post has received says an awful lot about the dilemmas we face as parents today, both in terms of how we deal with disciplining our children, and the way we share information online about them. My opinion on this seems to be in the minority, as I cannot see a time when I would want to humiliate my child in public with a permanent record of their poor behaviour forever blighting their record for all to see. However, my children are still young, so I have not yet had to deal with a situation like this, and I do agree that any form of bullying should be dealt with immediately. But if you have already dealt with the issue at home, as had happened in this case, there is no need to do so publicly as well. However I also think that attacking a parent for their decisions is all too common when so much is shared in public, and most of us are simply trying to do what we think is right. As the post has now been removed, presumably because of the negative part of the publicity surrounding this story, I would imagine that this Mum has not had the best Mother's Day.

What do you think you would do if you were in this situation? By publicly acknowledging her son's bullying this Mum has confronted and put a stop to the behaviour, but would you have dealt with it in a different way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.

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  • Allisonj

    absolutely commend this lady well done too many parents making excuses for children's bad behaviour, maybe if more parents took this attitude on bored there wouldn't be so many brats around 

    • edandhen

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and let us know what you think.

    • Meandyou

      Well done.

  • Ivan

    Well done. A parent not afraid to show some tough love and punish her child strongly for bullying, rather than ignore it and allow it to continue like many unfit parents do.

    • edandhen

      I hope that more parents tackle the issue of bullying, even if they choose a different method. Ignoring the problem should never happen. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  • whatley2015

    I think she absolutely nailed it I'd of done the same his actions may cause issues for her later on in life and was uncalled for kids these days are committing suicide because of bullies I'd of reacted in the sane way she did 

    • edandhen

      Bullying should definitely be tackled, it's a serious issue for sure. Thanks for your comment.

  • Rainbowkissy

    i would do the same too. 

    Well done as bullying is a very big issues in schools and sometimes long term bullying doesnt always get resolved!

    I would do the same of my child was at age of facebook ! I would not accept that kind of behaviour !

    • edandhen

      Her son is not old enough to have a Facebook account as he is 12, and she has since given an interview stating that she has taken that away from him as further punishment. I don't think we have heard the last of this story!

  • toria

    Brilliant ,a parent taking responsibility for her child . Well done you .

  • admin

    Thanks for all the comments folks! Great to hear what you all think.

  • gillxgx

    I've the greatest respect for this lady as it shows that she doesn't condone her son bullying and she is dealing with the situation how she sees fit. The people or minority as they are known are why this society and communitys are the way they are!!! all kids know right from wrong it's just some mothers who chose not to see it in their own and let them off with murder and wrap them in cotton wool all their lives.

  • Dannidustbins

    well done lovely lady this is a woman who knows how to be a parent.teach our children love.repect,empathy and all the right from wrongs and you cant do much better .well done lovely woman you should be proud of yourself x

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