New Mum Posts Picture Of Kind Note Left By Stranger

24 September 2015

random acts of kindness

As random acts of kindness go, this one takes the biscuit. In fact, it paid for lunch.

A new mum shared this snap on Facebook after a couple paid their restaurant bill and left this note by way of explanation. It reads:

I wanted to offer to hold your sweet baby while you both ate lunch, but my husband said I'd look like a stalker :)

So, I'm buying your lunch instead. Enjoy that sweet baby - we have teenagers and know what's ahead for you, so snuggle your wee one while you can.

I'm a sucker for sweet stories of kindness like this one - although I can't help feeling a bit miffed that I've yet to have anyone offer to buy my lunch on account of them taking pity on me or them marvelling at my parenting skills. Hmm. Must try harder.

I don't mind admitting that my slushy old heart twanged at the teenagers part, too. As the mother of pre-teens I share this anonymous lunch-buyer's sense that new babies are worth snuggling a little extra tightly when you realise just how quickly they morph from that into something much less squishable. But it also made me feel kind of sorry for the parents of those teenagers. Aw. They really do grow up too fast, but I don't think I'd really have appreciated that sentiment if someone had said that to me in a note when my lads were little.

But how would you feel if someone paid for your meal and left you a note like this? Are you in agreement with those who've commented on this on social media to say how sad it seems that strangers can't offer to hold a baby without fear of looking like a stalker?

And what's the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for y0u or your family? We'd love to hear about it. Come and share the details over on our Facebook page.

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  • katmandoo
    Slightly different but I was out with my two year old and two month old and while in a jewellers I tried to negotiate my double buggy round people. There was a man who looked a little worse for wear but I asked him politely to move forward, honestly not expecting any response like everyone else in the shop. He turned and apologised and Said what lovely children I had. After thanking him I was looking at baby bangles. A few minutes later he came up and put £10 in my hand to go towards buying something nice for the little ones. I tried to refuse but he wouldn't take no for an answer and said it was for setting good examples of being polite in front of the children. Whilst initially wary it's made me realise not to judge people quickly. Even if there was no £10 he was the only one to acknowledge me when I was struggling to move around the store.
  • Christief2006
    I once was in a supermarket cafe miles from home and needed a lunch for my young son but only had enough money for one of us to eat, but naturally didn't tell my son, just said I wasn't hungry. When I got to the till I was told that the previous customer had paid for his lunch and she'd requested I got a lunch for me too. I will never know how she knew but she knew and I've never ever forgotten her kindness.

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