Kids' Summer Holiday Luggage Contains Gadgets Worth £1.9 Billion

29 July 2015

Kids and holiday screen time

The humble bucket and spade are on borrowed time, according to a new survey conducted by family gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble, which reveals that tablets and smartphones are today's travel essentials for kids.

The survey of 1,000 UK adults revealed that children aged 16 and under will pack £466 worth of gadgets in their holiday luggage, with six in 10 (60.4%) under 17s packing tablets worth £160 and smartphones worth £185, and almost half (49.3%) packing cameras worth £118. More than a quarter (26.6%) will pack a laptop or netbook.

Even the under sevens will take high-tech toys abroad, with their electronic baggage being worth an eye-watering £364 per child. Half of kids under seven (49.5%) will carry tablets worth £91 each, while more than a third (35.5%) will pack smartphones worth £106.

All this means the luggage of a family of four – based on two adults and two children under 17 – will contain gadgets worth £2,125 on their travels over the summer months.

More than half (51.7%) will rely on these to keep their brood distracted while travelling to their destinations, but four in 10 (40.2%) parents wouldn’t dream of flying long haul without a tablet or a smartphone for their kids aged under seven to play with. Interestingly, mums are far more likely (59.4%) to use technology as a distraction technique than dads (39.2%).

But our tech reliance doesn’t end at our holiday destination. UK children will spend an average of two hours per day playing with gadgets on holiday, while almost one in seven (13%) will spend more than four hours per day.

All of which begs the question; do you rely on gadgets to help keep your kids occupied while you're travelling and / or on holiday, or are you firmly of the view that holidays should be about family time, not screen time? We'd love to hear your views over on our Facebook page.

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