Kids To Star In Gogglebox Christmas Special

12 August 2015

Kids and Gogglebox

I seem to be literally the only person I know who isn't a fan of Channel 4's Gogglebox, but I've just discovered an awesome reason to tune into the upcoming Christmas special.

The Metro reports:

A load of pint-sized TV critics will be booting the the Gogglebox regulars off their sofas and taking up the mantle of giving their thoughts on the year’s TV.

Channel 4 is replacing the familiar faces with opinionated children aged up to 13 for a one-off Christmas special. This is going to be incredible.

I'll say. Can you even imagine the cuteness of watching a bunch of kids airing their views about their favourite telly shows? Pure genius.

The paper reports that producers put out a casting call for kids to take part, sharing their views on the best telly of 2015, including the Great British Bake Off.

That just about cracked me up because my lads love to watch Bake Off with me, but I spend most of the time telling them to shush and asking them to keep their running commentary down to a dull roar so that I can actually hear what's going on.

This also reminds of the old '90's TV show, Small Talk, where Ronnie Corbett posed a load of questions to a bunch of kids and their answers were frequently hilarious.

One thing strikes me, though. Given the popularity of Gogglebox and the extent to which the 'stars' of the show have become household names and semi-celebs, I don't think I'd fancy letting my kid take part. Would you? And will you be tuning in?

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