Holly Willoughby's Parenting Book: Are You Buying It?

Would You Read A Celeb Parenting Book?
20 February 2016

What do you make of parenting books written by celeb mums?

Holly Willoughby is the latest in a long line of famous mums to pen a parenting tome. She announced the news on Twitter, saying:

"Excited to announce my new book Truly Happy Baby! All the best bits I've learnt being a Mum."

Billed as "a calm guide through the chaos" of motherhood, the book is called: Truly Happy Baby ... It Worked for Me: A practical parenting guide from a mum you can trust. It's due for publication on the 16th June and you can pre-order it from Amazon here. Holly is mum to Harry, six, Belle, four, and Chester, one.

We've been debating the merit of parenting books by celebrity mums in the Playpennies office this afternoon. I found the book that Jools Oliver wrote really helpful at the time that I read it, but one of our team is just a teeny bit cynical about them.

"Not sure I want parenting advice from someone who stays up all night partying and thinks it's hilarious to go into work still hung over," said one of our team. "If a mum who worked in a supermarket turned up for her shift in last night's party clothes saying she hadn't been to bed, she'd be sacked - not given a parenting book deal."

Others in the office disagree, citing that fun shouldn't come to an end when you become a mum and that Holly's therefore a brilliant role model for working mums. "Still not interested in hearing what she has to tell me about parenting. Celebs don't lead the same lives as regular folk so the rules are different - I think bringing up kids is going to be very different for rich celebs in every way, too."

Here's some of the book blurb:

Holly's book will encourage parents during their first twelve months of parenthood to trust their natural instincts and to care for their children in their own way, confidently and happily. Whilst she acknowledges the benefits a good routine can bring, she most importantly, wants you to listen to your mummy intuition to know what's best for you and your baby. We all have it, we just need to learn to tune into it.

There are chapters on feeding; sleeping; lifestyle and looking after you, and it's apparently packed with achievable, practical advice plus ideas, techniques and tips that helped Holly throughout the first year of her babies' lives.

I'm a sucker for a bit of celebrity-mum-voyeurism so there's every chance I'll buy it. What about you? Are you a fan of parenting books written by famous mums or do you think they're inaccessible for 'real mums' - and will you be buying Holly's book? Come and share your thoughts over on our Facebook page.

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