Heinz Golden Multigrain And Chocolate Biscotti Not A Healthy Snack, Rules ASA

Heinz golden multigrain and chocolate biscotti biscuits not a healthy snack

Uh-oh, bad news if your baby or toddler is a fan of those moreishly delicious biscotti biscuits made by Heinz. After health campaigners complained to the Advertising Standards Authority, Heinz has said it will stop describing them as healthy snacks in its advertising.

The Guardian today reports:

On its Heinz for Baby website, the company described the chocolate and organic varieties of its golden multigrain biscotti as “an ideal healthy snack for babies 7+ months old”. But campaigners argued that using a healthy advertising strategy for products with such high sugar content – the biscuits ranged from 24g to 28g per 100g – encouraged or condoned poor nutritional habits, excessive consumption and an unhealthy lifestyle in children.

Alas, my two year old loves those biscuits and, to my shame, I've never thought to question the validity of the 'healthy snack' claim. With older siblings in the house who scoff biscuits after school as though they are going out of fashion, my youngest often looks for a similar treat before tea and I tend to reach for those on the assumption that they're better for her than the biscuits the boys get.

Clearly, I was wrong. That'll teach me to read the nutrition information on packages more closely. No wonder the little lady's eyes LIGHT UP when she spies the biscotti in the cupboard!

A Heinz spokesperson said:

“Heinz takes its responsibilities as an advertiser very seriously. As soon as we were made aware that certain elements of our website copy may not have met the high standards we demand, we took immediate action to make changes. The matter was resolved to the satisfaction of the ASA.”

Hmm. No promise to reduce the sugar content though - just change the wording on their website!

So I'm thankful to whoever complained, and glad that Heinz saw sense and agreed to revise their marketing campaign rather than argue the case for a sugary biscuit being a health food snack. But that will leaves me with the problem of what to feed my littlest when her big brothers are looking for a quick pick-me-up after a long day at school, and she doesn't want to get left out.

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What healthy snacks do you feed your little ones, and did it surprise you to learn that Heinz biscotti biscuits aren't, in fact, a healthy snack? We'd love to hear your thoughts over on our Facebook page.

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