Have You Ever Staged A Mum Strike?

Have You Ever Staged A Mum Strike?

Right here's a question for you. Have you ever contemplated just going on strike from being a mum?

Obviously I'm not talking about reneging on your actual responsibilities towards your children - don't be daft. I'm talking about taking a well-earned break from all the domestic drudgery that all too often goes hand-in-hand with motherhood.

Ok, and maybe I'm also talking about ditching the domestic goddess role in a bid to somehow jolt your beloved family members into realising just how much you do for them so that they might take you less for granted. Have you ever considered doing that?

More to the point, have you ever actually gone so far as to stage a mum strike?

I ask because we'll be chatting about this live on the radio on Monday and we'd love to know what Playpennies readers think.

And yes, I get that staging a mum strike is a tad manipulative. Anyone who could teach you a thing or two about the art of communication would surely tell you that there are effective ways to explain your needs to your nearest and dearest and then there are passive aggressive acts – like staging a mum strike. It's a long way from mature communication but then most mums who pull mum strikes are usually right at the end of their tether.

Personally I've never staged a mum strike, despite having threatened to do so on too many occasions to count.

Why have I never followed through with staging a mum strike? One simple reason. I know that if I neglected the laundry or the dishes or stopped picking up abandoned toys or socks and generally just stopped doing all the stuff that I know my kids take for granted, I know I'm the one who'd suffer the most.

The kids would hardly care if they have to wade through a sea of stinky socks to get to their beds every night. But I'd care, and the ensuing mess would drive me crackers. And guess who'd be the one who'd end up restoring order eventually anyway? Yup. Me.

So a mum strike is very definitely not on the cards in my house. That's not to say that I won't keep threatening to go on strike whenever it seems like my brood need to wise up about just how much I do for them.

But what's your view? Have you ever staged a mum strike and if so, what was the outcome? Or is it something you can't understand any mum ever actually doing? Share your opinions by leaving us a comment below or join the debate over on our Facebook page.

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  • Stephanie M.

    Yep. I gave up when the toilet paper on out

  • Natalie M.

    Do it xx

  • Kelly B.

    Nope, my working conditions are spot on. All responsibilities are shared and I even get lie in's

  • Clare R.

    I shud try this :frowning:

  • Stephanie L.

    I'm sort of on a mum strike, my ungrateful bratty teenager is not aloud to ask me for anything unless it involves her not dying, I will feed and water her but until she adjusts her attitude and takes more responsibility I do not want to do anything for her unless it is a must!

  • Marion D.

    think I might go on strike!

  • Melanie B.

    Couldn't even be bothered to read the article..single mum of a 2 and 4 year old. I ' strike' during office hours, after that 'mum' is a pretty good place to be :-)

  • Sarah K.

    Single mum of a boy and girl 6+7, 7 year old has type 1 diabetes and is being assessed for ASD, I haven't got time to have a full nights sleep, never mind strike :joy:

  • Hayley V.

    I've stopped specific tasks to make a point, if washing doesn't make it to the basket by Friday pm you wash it yourself, if ironing isn't put away I don't iron the following week.

  • Kira W.

    Like the issue says ; it would be me who would suffer as mine still wouldn't care if they lived in mess and dirt. I would love to strike but not sure I would still have a house!!

  • Holley J.

    Every day

  • Irem A.

    If do this. But if just have to catch up on what I didn't do once I finished striking :neutral_face:

  • Michelle L.

    Never appreciated in my house! None of them care that the house always looks a complete state and if I just leave any of the chores they simply don't get done :hushed:

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