Harper Beckham Has A Dummy But She's Four Years Old. Do We Care?

10 August 2015

toddler with dummy

So Harper Beckham appears to use a dummy and she's four years old. Big deal.

It's almost a year since we wrote this piece - Why all the fuss over Harper Beckham - and I care even less about the debate now than I did then.

As I wrote at the time:

Certain tabloid newspapers seem to have lost their minds with incomprehension today over the startling discovery that Harper Beckham ‘still’ has a dummy. She’s three years old.

Frankly, I don’t understand why anyone (except perhaps David and Victoria) would care whether Harper has a dummy or not, but then the whole 'issue' of toddlers having dummies seems to be one of *those* topics that gets people - parents and non parents alike - all het up with opinionated fury.

And yes, my daughter still has a dummy too, and she's almost two years old. But according to so called health experts, the problem with Harper's dummy is that it might wreck her teeth or impact on her speech development.

The Daily Mail reports:

At four years old, Harper Beckham is well beyond the age that most health experts would advise giving a child a dummy.

Last night parenting experts said that David, 40, and Victoria Beckham, 41, risked stunting their daughter's speech and were putting her teeth at risk of damage by letting her continue to use one.

I get it, I do. And I have every intention of gently persuading my daughter to part with her dummy before she's four, but then I never expected her to still want one at almost two. But the tabloid hysteria over this drives me nuts. So the Beckhams aren't the quintessential perfect parents who do everything right and never take short cuts or make decisions based on what works for their kids rather than what the experts say? So what? Give them a break, I say.

I mean seriously, world. Do we not have more pressing things to worry about?

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  • GeorgesMummy
    My son was over 3yrs old when I decided the time was right, by that point he only ever had his dummy when tired or sleeping, one night spiderman paid him a visit & took his dummies for the babies, he left a lovely present & a note explaining why, we had a few tears but a couple of days later he had stopped asking, I believe that as a parent you will know when the time is right for your own child.

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