Giant Inflatable Minion Causes Traffic Chaos In Dublin

3 August 2015

Giant Inflatabale minion causes traffic chaos

As far as excuses for being late go, this has to be the best I've ever heard.

A giant inflatable minion caused traffic chaos in Dublin today - or indeed terrorised them, according to one headline.

The Independent reports:

Mischievous Minions are loved the world over for their antics in Despicable Me – but drivers in Dublin were less than pleased when a giant inflatable version of Kevin fell over in the middle of a road and blocked off traffic.

The inflatable blew over in “very strong” winds at around 3pm on Old Swords Road in Santry, local resident Erin Van Londen told The Independent.

Drivers were delayed while police attended the scene to remove the giant minion, which had escaped from a local fair.

Can you even imagine how much your mind would have boggled if you'd happened upon a giant minion in the middle of the road?

The next time I'm late for the school run I might just try using this as my excuse. Speaking of which, what's the craziest road block you've ever come across, and what's the best excuse you've ever heard for being late? We'd love to hear about it over on our Facebook page.

Image credit: Facebook / Erin Van Londen

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