Five Year Old Tries To Make A Beauty Vlog... And Cuts Her Own Hair

Five Year Old Beauty Vlogger
27 January 2016

Five year old Aubrey Arnold fancied making her own beauty vlog, and at first things were going swimmingly...

The make-up was done (great effort on the lippy) but then she got some scissors - and gave herself a haircut!

Her mother Debbie Arnold shared the video on her Facebook page showing little Aubrey's rather severe fringe trimming, and she seems to have taken it in good humour.

Our team has had a mixed reaction to the video, from being begrudgingly impressed that a five year old managed to record a vlog of herself, to the more practical step of running to make sure all the scissors are out of reach of the children!

It seems that giving yourself a haircut is just too tempting for some youngsters, and I think I have been one of the lucky ones so far in that my boys haven't attempted it yet. Better just double check that they can't get those scissors...

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