Father Gets Cochlear Implant Tattooed On His Head To Support Daughter

6 August 2015

Dad gets cochlear implant

A father, whose six year old daughter has a cochlear implant, has had a tattoo of one on his head in a show of support for the little girl.

We heard about this via nzherald.co.nz, who wrote this:

Charlotte, 6, who had her first implant put in at the age of 4 in 2013, has just had her second one put in at Gillies Hospital.

In a gesture of support, her father, Alistair Campbell, had his own "implant" tattooed on the left side of his head, three days ago.

Mr Campbell, who had no other tattoos, said he wanted to do it to show her that he could go through a little bit of pain for her too.

The little girl's father shaved his head to have the tattoo done but plans to let his hair grow, and says he'll shave his head again if Charlotte asks to see the tatoo.

Charlotte is profoundly deaf in her left ear and has a hearing condition which affects her hearing in the right ear, too.

The picture has provoked quite the reaction on social media sites, with Twitter users praising the father for supporting his little girl in this way.

I'm a sucker for a lovely dad story - I think they tend to get a raw deal in many ways - so this delights me. I just love the idea of taking such a radical step to support your child at a time when they might feel self-conscious or vulnerable, and I can only imagine that little Charlotte will feel hugely proud of her dad in years to come.

But what's your view? And what's the most radical thing you've ever done to show support to your child?

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Image credit: Anita-Alistair Campbell/Facebook

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