Fancy Some Global Unschooling?

Fancy Some Global Unschooling?

Have you ever contemplated quitting the rat race and ditching the school run in favour a spot of global unschooling?

Or to put it another way, would you be up for touring the world with your kids in a bid to educate them in an entirely different way?

I've got to admit I've considered it myself – especially in the light of my youngest's reaction to starting nursery school.

And when I read an article today about a family who have taken time out for some global unschooling, I felt more than a pang of envy.

The couple sold their home to fund a round-the-world trip and have travelled to more than 20 countries thus far, with no plans to head home any time soon.

I think I'm more likely to consider something like global unschooling than I am to home-educate my kids because as much as home-ed appeals to me at times, I just don't feel I have the resources or skills to teach themselves. Whereas somehow the thought of taking in different cultures and traditions and learning as we go whilst making our way around the world seems more doable.

Yet even if money were no object I'm probably not made of strong enough stuff to take the plunge with an adventure in global unschooling. As much as I struggle with the rigidity of school and the constraints of modern formal education, I don't think I could cope with knowing that my kids futures were in my hands.

I'd worry, too, that an education inspired by our surroundings might leave gaps in their literacy or numeracy skills and I don't feel confident that I could tackle that.

So it looks like I'll be sticking to my normal school run with only the odd pang of envy or daydream when it comes to global unschooling.

But what about you? Does global unschooling appeal to you or are you quite happy with school runs and homework and teachers who do all the stuff that you can't? If money were no object would you give it all up to trek around the world with your kids, taking in whatever learning opportunities you can as you go?

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  • Holley J.

    The best thing they ever did

  • Laura B.


  • Linzi S.

    I think it's brilliant. Kids are only kids for such a short time. Grab life and enjoy it xx

  • Angela M.

    inspiring !!! schools are terrible these days.full of bullies and that's just the pupils

  • Samantha C.

    I'd love to do this

  • Caroline W.


  • Donna K.

    Wish I had the guts to do this

  • Catherine F.

    Inspiring! Would love love to do this :heart_eyes:

  • Angeline M.

    Brilliant! What an adventure!

  • Lisa K.

    Absolutely brilliant if I had the money I wouldnt even think about it I would just be doing it, my child learns more at home than in school.

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