Doing The Facebook Motherhood Challenge?

Doing The Motherhood Challenge?
4 February 2016

Love it or loathe it, the Facebook Motherhood Challenge can't have escaped your notice.

Here's the gist, according to the Independent:

"The Facebook Motherhood Challenge has been doing the rounds for about a week, and asks women to contribute by posting a series of photos that make them 'happy to be a mother'. They are then encouraged to 'tag' people they think are 'great mothers' to post their own pictures."

"This time, the point of taking part in the craze sweeping social media appears to be to show how successful you are as a mother, and to namecheck other mums you feel do a similarly sterling job. So far, so seemingly harmless - but the phenomenon has been met with some consternation from critics."

In a piece for the Guardian writer Flic Everett explains why the meme makes her want to punch her computer screen, citing the fact that motherhood is hardly worthy of the 'challenge' moniker and that the meme is woefully insensitive to those who don't feel like blissed-out mamas.

She writes:

"Many mothers simply feel inadequate most of the time, and that sense of failure is exacerbated dramatically by others boasting about how easy and rewarding they find it all, from first "latching on" to graduation ("So proud!!")."

Personally I've not been tagged - which, come to think of it, begs the question, do my friends not deem me a great mum?!

But seriously if I had been tagged I probably wouldn't have bothered taking part anyway. Not because I'm conscientiously opposed to the whole idea but because I'm so busy barely keeping it together as a mum that I can't find time to pair the socks in my overflowing laundry basket or clear the dishes off the draining board, never mind trawl through endless pics of my children's babyhood to find ones that typify how happy I am to be their mum.

I don't really understand people getting irate about stuff like this, though. If you don't like it, just scroll on by or use the Facebook 'hide' post button. That's what it's there for, no? Should I be more considerate of other people's feelings on Facebook?

I'm pretty sure that most mums who've taken part in the Facebook Motherhood Challenge aren't actually smug mummies or genuinely trying to boast about their brilliance as perfect mothers. Aren't they just taking a moment to celebrate the tiny beings that made mums out of them? That's ok by me. There are worse things to do on Facebook, in my opinion.

But what's your view? Do you think the Facebook Motherhood Challenge is a lovely way to big up other mums, or do you agree that it's insensitive or unhelpful in the eyes of those who aren't - for whatever reason - aren't celebrating motherhood? How did this meme make you feel? We'd love to hear your thoughts over on our Facebook page.

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