Dear New Dad Who Isn't Pulling His Weight...

24 June 2015

New Dad

I thought twice about posting this, because I think new dads get a tough enough time as it is. It seems they're forever getting a bashing in the media - from Ryan Reynolds copping criticism for recently carrying his baby daughter the 'wrong way' in a baby sling to a general, prevailing view that new dads don't muck in enough, I think it's time the dad-bashing stopped.

But one mum clearly disagrees - she's written an open letter on her blog to dads who don't realise how hard it is to be a mum at home with a new baby. It's referenced in the Daily Mail today:

"Every morning you wake up from your long slumber, probably have a shower, eat breakfast and then hop into your car/public transport and head to work. During your day, you no doubt interact with adults, head out for coffee or maybe even lunch? You’re using your brain, have time to think and most importantly, you’re free."

"A few miles away, your other half is walking around like a zombie after getting two hours sleep last night. She hasn’t had time to eat breakfast yet and has had two sips of a cup of tea that is now stone cold. She’s just fed the baby (again) and it looks like he’s settled so she’s going to run to the bathroom and try and have a shower."

Now maybe this resonates with you, and you want to ever-so-casually share it to a new dad's Facebook page. Or maybe you're with me in thinking that new dads get a raw deal, and deserve a bit of slack.

My other half was pretty much a model dad when my kids were babies, so I found this open letter just a tad unfair.

Whatever your view, we'd love to hear about it over on our Facebook page. Tell us what you think about why new dads get painted as a bit clueless, and perhaps what you most appreciate your baby's dad... And if you're a new father yourself, make sure you have your say...

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  • mummychew
    I agree stop the man bashing my husband is a stay at home dad and has looked after our little girl since she was 6 weeks and our lityle boy who I had 11months later and I weny straight back to work and we share the load maybe mums should ask for help if they need it instead of struggling sometimes if you dont ask you dont get!

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