David Beckham Has Harper's Drawing Turned Into A Tattoo

29 October 2015

David Beckham Gets Tattoo Of Harper's Doodle

There are few things cuter or of greater sentimental value than a drawing by your child's own fair hand. But has it ever occurred to you to have your little one's doodle turned into a piece of body art?

Too late - David Beckham's beaten you to it. Have you clocked his latest tattoo yet? Obviously I haven't clapped eyes on it in the flesh but a certain tabloid brought it to my attention earlier today. The Mail reports:

"Depicting a smiling little girl with her arms outstretched, the tattoo designed by Harper shows that she's possibly inherited some of her mother's artistic streak. Uploading the black and white snap to her Instagram account, Victoria shared David's latest tattoo with her 7.5million followers."

Victoria captioned the pic:
'Harper is a true little artist x x vb ️.'
David also shared a picture of his latest inking with his social media followers, writing:

'Apparently Harper is allowed to scribble on daddy.'

Of course there'll be plenty of ink-haters who don't see the cute in this, but I think it's adorable. It reminds me of when Angelina Jolie let her kids draw all over her wedding dress.

What an amazing way to mark a moment in your little one's childhood, and such a sweet way of being daily reminded of what they mean to you.

What's your view? Would you ever have your child's drawing immortalised in a tattoo like this?

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