Couple Ordered To Hand Baby They Adopted Over To His Grandparents

25 September 2015

Couple ordered to return baby they adopted

A court has ruled that a couple who adopted a baby the day after he was born must now give him back.

The Daily Mail reports:

The married couple have been told to surrender the boy – who has lived with them for more than ten months – even though they are the only family he has ever known.

The law demands that the baby – whose parents signed away the right to bring him up before he was born – should live with anyone in his natural family who is capable of raising him, a panel of three judges ruled.

The ruling came about under 'last resort' adoption rules which state that a child can only be adopted if no other relatives can raise the child. The little boy in question will live with his grandparents, who came forward to offer him a home more than two months after his birth. The boy was born in November and at the end of January the child's father raised the possibility that his parent might be willing to offer the child a home.

The appeal court judge, Sir James Munby, said that a baby’s ties to his natural family may only be broken in exceptional circumstances and although the court acknowledged that the child had known no other mother, the point was made that these are not exceptional circumstances.

It's a heart-breaking story for all concerned and I suppose the only saving grace is that the little boy might be too young to be permanently effected by the turn of events. While I understand the primacy that birth families must have in cases such as this, it seems wrong that an adoption can go ahead like this only to be overturned at a later date. What unimaginable pain for the adoptive parents.

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  • Brookslisa87
    The actual blood parents should not have agreed to the adoption for it to be overturned that little boys adoptive parents have provide that child with the love,care that that little chap deserves and now a hugw part of them is going to be torn apart so no I don't agree with the judges opinion
  • Msnjones
    The poor adoptive parents I think uk should do what usa does where both parents sign their rights away before the baby is handed over and minds cant be changed In uk i know they have a window period to cancel the adoption thats why i believe once signed it cant be changed but if it was signed before baby was born then the adoption would be finalized by time the baby was born What those judges done is wrong n they wonder why their so many unwanted children out their
  • Emmamed
    poor parents who have been bringing him up for the past 10 months. surely blood relatives should have been contracted prior to the birth. This should not be allowed to happen.

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