Children Must Educate Parents On Obesity

2 August 2015

healthy eating and obesity

Most parents would surely agree that it's their role to educate their kids, and not the other way round. But NHS England's Medical Director, Sir Bruce Keogh, reckons children have a part to play in teaching their parents about healthy eating.

The Telegraph reports:

Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS England's Medical Director, said that the government's obesity strategy should have a greater focus on schools. He said that children have a role to play in "educating" their parents and siblings about the importance of a healthy diet.

Sir Bruce’s comments come as Professor Susan Jebb, a key government adviser on the obesity epidemic, suggested that children could act like "trojan horses" and take messages about healthy eating home.

Now my first reaction to this story was probably the same as yours - what a load of old rot. Why on earth should we expect children to educate adults on something that parents should already know, and which they ought to be instilling in their kids?

But after a little more thought on the matter, I'm inclined to think that I can see where Sir Bruce Keogh is coming from. My lads have taught me a fair few things already, and they certainly always seem to get a kick out of the notion that they can teach me something, or that they know more than I do about a topic, be that how the heart works or what arctic foxes like to eat. (Thank goodness for school projects, eh?!)

So I'm kind of open-minded on this. If this is what it takes to tackle the obesity crisis then I'm in. What's your view? Come and share it over on our Facebook page.

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