Celebaby: Nearly Baby Beckham's Birthday

9 July 2011

celebaby9JulyIf reports are to be believed, young Miss Beckham will be making her much anticipated arrival into the world tomorrow.

If reports are also to be believed, and David Beckham himself, then this photograph was taken without Victoria's knowledge, by David which he then posted on his Facebook page, saying,

"'Took this pic of Victoria while she wasn't looking. She looks amazing, so close now to the baby being born!"

Her being completely oblivious to this doesn't sound very plausible to me, but who cares!

There has been a fair bit in the press lately about the goings on on Planet Beckham in the lead-up to the newest family member's arrival.

Apparently Victoria has had her breast implants removed as she wants to feed her daughter naturally. But, hang on, hasn't she spent the last goodness knows how many years trying to convince us all that the half grapefruits stuck to her chest were all natural...?

She has been reported as saying she wants to do everything different this time, do everything 'right' and 'properly'.  Wow that must make the Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz feel just GREAT, "Yeah, cheers mum!"

Still, the answer to the question everyone's asking, everyone who's remotely interested anyway, is what the new Beckham baby is going to called.

There have been lots of names tossed around by the rumour mill - Luna and Santa being among two of the more 'out there' ones; I'm guessing all will be revealed by a beaming David Beckham outside the hospital/clinic as soon as his daughter has safely arrived in the world.

Love them or hate them, you can't begrudge them a bit of happiness having finally got a much-wanted daughter, just PLEASE give her a pretty name that's not ridiculous!

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