Brooklyn Beckham 'Ollies' Over David

Brooklyn Beckham 'Ollies' Over David
20 February 2016

My first thought on seeing Brooklyn Beckham 'ollie' over his father on a skateboard clearly wasn't most people's reaction.

The Huff Post's headline screamed 'David Beckham Hailed A 'Brave Dad' For Letting Brooklyn Do This' whereas my thought process went more along the lines of 'Only a dad would do something like this'. And 'But WHAT if it had gone wrong?'

Sexist? I don't think so - just truthful. C'mon, can you picture Victoria Beckham lying down on a step while her son sails over her face at significant speed on a plank with four wheels attached? I can't see it.

Now it's not that I'm suggesting dads are brave and mums aren't - more that mums are perhaps more inclined to see danger where dads just see adventure. And I'm cool with that - I think the sexes are supposed to be different and of course it's never sensible to generalise and there will be dads who are risk-adverse and mums who are dare-devils. I know all that.

I'm just saying I bet half the mums who saw this vid thought 'No, David, no!' or at least 'But think of your face!' whilst most of the dads thought 'AWESOME.'

Am I wrong? Do you think this is a heartwarming snapshot of David Beckham's exemplary parenting or are you seeing it like me? Come and have your say over on our Facebook page.

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