Have Your Babies By 32, Experts Say

30 July 2015


According to a story in the news yesterday, 23 is the ideal age to become a mum if you wish to have a big family. And even if you're hoping to have just one child, you should crack on with it before the age of 32.

The Daily Mail reports:

The advice comes from scientists who crunched together fertility data on more than 58,000 women to create an at-a-glance calculator.

It tells a woman the best age to start a family – and makes it clear that IVF is not a guarantee for those who wait.

We've all heard about the risks of delaying motherhood, and it seems as though fertility experts aren't holding any punches when it comes to explaining that time isn't on your side if you want to have a family in your thirties.

But what's your view? I had my babies when I was 28, 30 and 37 - and I don't mind admitting that I worried sick throughout my last pregnancy that I was over the hill and putting myself and my baby at all sorts of risks by choosing to have a child so 'late'. But in hindsight, I wish I hadn't let the media scaremongering spin me into a state of worry during what was otherwise a perfect pregnancy and labour.

What age were you when your babies were born, and did you pay any attention to the experts' advice about not delaying motherhood?

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  • amyandmolliesmum
    I married at 19 and had my babies at 21, 23 and 27. It was lovely to be a young mum, all my friends had children young too, we helped each other out sharing advice and spent many happy times together with our children. I'm soon to be a nan, and still young (50) to help out where I can. Both my daughters (27 and 23) are expecting their first babies soon, they're both due on the same day, so I'll definitely have my hands full dividing my time between them both! I can't wait :)
  • Jofozzy
    I had my babies at 25,28 and then twins at 37. My last pregnancy was by far the most enjoyable and problem free and I knew I had to savour every moment as it would be my last. I'm probably more relaxed as a parent with my twins as I feel needed again but there are days when I feel I'm too old for this.
  • Arundel1973
    I had mine at 34 and 36. No problems. The only difference is that I probably get more tired on a day to day basis than I would have if I'd had them earlier. You can't guarantee meeting the right person for a timely pregnancy.

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