Actress Reveals Her Baby's Very Unusual Name, And Hints That Her Mother Doesn't Like It

14 September 2015

Iyla Vue

Naming your baby is such a personal thing, and yet the world - and its mother - invariably has an opinion on the moniker you choose to bestow on your beloved tot. Although most people know better than to share their views. But how would you feel if you know that a relative hated the name you'd chosen for your baby?

American actress Ashley Scott, of Artificial Intelligence fame, revealed that she's in just that position, having settled on a seriously unconventional name for her second baby.

People magazine reports:

When Ashley Scott‘s husband, musician Steve Hart, came up with the name Iyla Vue (pronounced “I love you”) for their baby girl, the actress admits she wasn’t immediately on board.

“I said, ‘It’s either the greatest name ever, or the absolute worst,’ ” Scott, 38, candidly tells PEOPLE. “It took us about four days after she was born to name her because we weren’t 100 percent, and then at the end I thought, ‘I just love it.’ ”

The actress adds:

“I don’t think my mother is a big fan because I see her face when she tells people,” jokes Scott. “She says it’s a very California name. But I love it!”

Now I'm not a fan of this particular name either - it might grow on me if it were spelled differently - but I think I'd feel a little upset (to say the least) if I knew that a relative disliked the name I had chosen for my child. All three of my kids have fairly distinctive names - there certainly aren't kids in their classes with the same names - but there's a fine line between choosing a name which is unique, and choosing one which draws attention for the wrong reasons.

What's your view?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this story. Aside from whether you love or loathe Iyla Vue as a name, have you encountered friends or relatives whom you suspect weren't fans of the name you chose for your baby? And, if so, how did you deal with that? Come and tell us over on our Facebook page.

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