A Loo Seat For Mother's Day?!

A Loo Seat For Mother's Day?!
1 March 2016

According to a survey of 3,767 people conducted by Dotcom Gift Shop, all us mums really want for Mother's Day is a hug.

Apparently 58% of us just want a hug come Sunday morning but - and this bit makes me sad - only 2% of those surveyed said they think they'll get one. What now?!

I am seriously hoping this is because those mums who 'just' want a hug for Mother's Day will in fact be lavished with expensive gifts so when they say they won't get what they'd like it's not because they're starved of affection.

But anyway, moving swiftly on. Some 34% of us want a lie but but only 2% think they'll get one, while 41% of us would like a handmade gift for Mother's Day, and 27% of us think that's exactly what we'll get.

But my favourite data from this survey is the stuff about the best and worst Mother's Day pressies mums have received. Topping the list of best Mother's Day presents are a homemade cake, a poem written by the mum's little girl, dinner made by the kids, and handmade card saying 'I love you', and a homemade picture frame covered in buttons that the mum in question had collected since she was little. Awww.

Here's the best bit though - topping the list of worst Mother's Day gifts ever received are a fitness DVD, a toilet seat, a book on discipline, a tax disc holder and a packet of half-eaten marzipan sweets.

Oh dear. We'd love to hear your stories about the best and worst pressies you've been treated to on Mother's Day. Share your stories - good and bad - by leaving us a comment below.

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