Hedgehog Donuts

15 May 2012

I love these gorgeous donut hedgehogs! They're so cute and dead easy.  I can just imagine needing a quick treat for a child's party or play date and at £1 for six donuts at our local supermarket, these hedgehog donuts won't break the bank either!




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  • emmak1981
    no, the six donuts for £1 are a quick treat! ha ha as if anyone would go to all that trouble for a play date - unless the other child's mum was coming and you want to look impressive. Mostly though I think that if I trotted out something like that the other mother would probably think I was one of those competitive mums who spend all their time doing stuff like this, and would never speak to me again. If you want to impress your kids, especially if they're under 7 years old, then forget rubbish like this. Get down on the floor with them and play some games!

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