11-Year-Old Girl Delivers Her Baby Sister - Then Goes To School!

11-Year-Old Girl Delivers Her Baby Sister
30 November 2015

An 11-year-old girl who delivered her mother's baby - and went to school shortly afterwards- says the experience has inspired her to want to be a midwife.

The Guardian reports that Caitlin Burke rang 999 when her mum went into labour, and delivered her baby sister, Elsa-Monet, while a phone operator talked her through the process.

The new mum's waters broke shortly after her partner had left the house to take their younger child to a relative's house.

Caitlin also "unravelled the umbilical cord, which had wrapped around her sister, and handed Elsa-Monet to her mother", before making her way to school, the paper reports.

The eldest of five children, Caitlyn said the experience made her want to be a midwife when she's older.

What an amazing 11-year old to spring into action in her mum's hour of need. That's going to be a brilliant story for the sisters to share in years to come.

Speaking personally, I'm not sure I'd have coped calmly with the prospect of one of my kids acting as my midwife while I gave birth but it's incredibly impressive that Caitlyn had the presence of mind to deliver her mother's baby - and then go to school. But surely delivering your baby sister justifies a day off?!

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