Water Cannon Tripod With Shooter £22.49 @ Menkind

Water Cannon Tripod With Shooter £22.49 @ Menkind

This deal is for a large garden water cannon that will make outdoor fun just that little bit crazier and messier. While we are all fairly sick of rain and getting drizzled on, this is a hopeful deal – a deal that hopes we get a long enough spell of hot, dry weather to enjoy playing around outside. Down to £24.99 on the site, you get an extra discount and free delivery using the code below.

If you would like to drop the price of the water cannon, then use the code MENKINDPP to get it down to £22.49. This is the ultimate water cannon (or so they say) as it is mains fed for relentless super soaking. In short, this promises lots of fun.

The water cannon comes with a tripod which you can then use to manage your aim more accurately, and it connects to the hose for unlimited water. There isn’t a lot of information about it, but you can check out the video to see how well it works.

Thanks to missgem at HUKD!


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