Peppa Pig Trike with canopy £25.20 @ Debenhams

18 July 2010

Peppa Pig Trike with Canopy 1 At the end of our local summer fete yesterday, when all the children were walking sluggishly around completely worn out and filled with sugar, I saw the cutest sight. A small tot strapped (loosely but securely) into one of these types of trikes, fast asleep. He was leaning back with a slight smile on his face, as if to say, yes mum, this is the proper way to end a busy day. And he looked so comfortable. I've never felt so jealous! Debenhams have a number of items on sale at the moment. One of them is the Peppa Pig Trike with canopy for £25.20. Use code SHX8 for free delivery.

The thing is, you absolutely have to have something for that transition period. For when they're getting out of the pushchair, but simply aren't up to walking everywhere. And when they also lack focus. Every parent knows how hard it is to get a two year old to walk down the street without examining every plant, and suddenly wanting to turn around and walk in the opposite direction.

We got a little pedal-less bike for my son, which worked brilliantly as it was small and light enough to hook onto the back of the pushchair. For some reason he never liked trikes. Many of the other mums went for a trike though, and it worked out well for them. A character-based theme is a great way to get them onto it in the first place. His best friend at the nursery wouldn't get off the Iggle Piggle one his parents bought, as it was his favourite show.

What I love about this trike is that it has the Peppa Pig theme, but is in colours that will suit boys and girls. Now, I've made this complaint before so forgive me if you're sick of hearing it. But ALL the boys I know love Peppa Pig. Yet all the merchandising seems to be pink! When son was 2 all he wanted to take to nursery was a Peppa Pig backpack - could I find one that wasn't pink? No! It is a small point, but an important one.

Peppa Pig Trike with Canopy 2The removable sunshade is also a nice touch, especially for this hot and sunny summer we're having.

Thanks to AndyWedge at HUKD!

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