Paddling Pools £6.49 @ Mail Order Express

Paddling Pools £6.49 @ Mail Order Express

paddling2Carrying on the summer garden theme here at PlayPennies, here's another outdoor deal for you...

I wonder if your childhood memories of paddling pools are the same as mine?

A few of your little friends have come round to play, its hot and playing in the paddling pool is the order of the day! You're all very excited as your mum or dad blow up the little paddling pool and the anticipation builds as you impatiently wait and watch the water level rise.

You know the water's going to be freeeeezing but you don't care - it's PADDLING POOL TIME!!

The next few hours are spent hop, skipping and jumping in and out of the pool and before long the water has lots of little bits of grass in it and the odd fly and little bug thing trying unsuccessfully to go for a bit of a swim.

Your little friends eventually go home, you're wrapped up in a towel and you have THE coldest and most wrinkled feet in the world; all in all a most successful childhood summer Sunday spent in the garden!

paddlign1So which paddling pool are you going to choose for your little one?  You can have an In The Night Garden one or Little Princess and they both have a super cool (I think) feature where you can attach the hose pipe and spray water out of the little charactre bit on the side - the kids will LOVE that.

They've both been reduced from £12.99 down to £6.49 - I love that! - and there are various delivery charges which you can look at HERE, but if you're spending under a tenner then postage is only £1.99.

Happy grassy feet paddling!

Thanks to amibees over at HUKD!


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