Nerf Super Soaker £9 @ Amazon

Nerf Super Soaker £9 @ Amazon

The Nerf Super Soaker 28497 Tornado Strike Gun has been hugely reduced on Amazon. It is down from £26.99 to £9, and delivery is free with Amazon Super Saver delivery. OK so I know that it's not exactly the weather for water guns, and I'm beginning to despair that we'll ever get any sort of summer this year. But this would be handy to have around for fun when the heat DOES turn up. And there's always next year.

Add water to the Super Soaker Tornado Strike for some serious soaking fun. This is a serious spinning cyclone of soakage, with a quick reload water clip, spinning barrel and pump action soaking fun. The detachable stock adjusts to your reach and it’s guided by the built in Nerf tactical rail system and able to fire a spinning stream of water up to 6m away. Water tank capacity is 0.3 litres. Suitable for children age six and over, definitely not suitable for parents under any circumstances.

This powerful pump-handle blaster and spinning barrel lets you fire a spinning water stream to drench your targets up to 20 feet away with just one pump. Add the detachable stock so you can adjust your blaster to your reach and give your opponents a soaking they won't forget. Water blaster comes with spinning barrel, detachable stock, tactical rails and a water clip.

Thanks to Frank30uk at HUKD!


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