Baby Pools And Ballpits £2.50 - £3 @ Tesco Direct

Baby Pools And Ballpits £2.50 - £3 @ Tesco Direct

There’s 50% off baby pools and ballpits at Tesco Direct. These are end of season ranges, and while you might not use it for swimming for a while, there are often great deals on ball pit balls, which are also a great, fun alternative.

There’s a variety of pools for this one - Monkeys, a gorgeous and bright Sunflower pool and a rather understated flower shaped baby pool.

There’s another fun pool, the Jungle Spray pool, which has jungle graphics and palm trees for a supporting a leafy sunshade. If you connect the hose to the cool water sprayer ‘rain’ will fall from the leaves.

Reviews for these pools are generally pretty great, with people saying that it’s easy to put up, quick to fill and ideal for a small baby.  There were a few issues with it deflating overnight, and not being particularly sturdy for pulling up on.

Other comments worth noting are that the pools are easy to use in the house or the garden, and that its dual purpose ability makes it suitable for year round play.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD


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